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La Brea Hancock Neighborhood Fed Up with Avalon Wilshire


LARCHMONT BUZZ-The park behind the Avalon Wilshire is an ongoing headache for residents of the adjacent La Brea Hancock area who are fed up with the drug dealing occurring in the park, and the Avalon’s lack of response to fixing the problem. According to residents of the adjacent  La Brea Hancock Homeowners Association (LBHHA), the Avalon has never fulfilled  its obligation to provide lighting and security for the quiet green space that is a buffer between busy Wilshire Boulevard and the adjacent neighborhood, and runs north-south between Orange and Mansfield. 

Homeowners living behind the Avalon Wilshire complain that Avalon has not lived up to its side of the agreement forged in 2003 that provided the development an ordinance/zone change and conditional use permit. In the deal, Avalon was to provide maintenance of the green space, lighting at night, and  24-hour security. 

“I am disgusted that after all the negotiation and work this neighborhood has done, which went on for more than 10 years, that Avalon made promises that they never took seriously and didn’t hold up to,” Barbara Savage, President of the LBHHA told the Larchmont Buzz.  ”None of the conditions that were set in our covenant with Avalon have been fulfilled. All of the conditions fell to the wayside, and without any penalty. Is the city weak, or just lazy? Do we have a leg to stand on  - is no one willing to enforce the agreement?” 

The LBHHA says drug dealing has been witnessed in the park during both day and nighttime hours. To add fuel to the fire, a nearby home was recently burglarized and the perpetrator was proven to be a drug customer of an Avalon Bay resident or subtenant. 

The LBHHA has asked the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) to push the city to enforce the negotiated [Q] conditions and urge the property management to remedy the situation and/or impose additional conditions. 

“There is absolutely no security being provided, nor is there any lighting,” Savage said.  ”These conditions were detailed in the covenant between Avalon, the City of LA and the LBHHA, and yet Avalon has not fulfilled its obligations. We have all seen drug deals going down, and one local resident even taped one on her cell phone. We’ve had to call in the DEA and the City Attorney’s office because of the illegal activity happening there.” 

Savage said that the buffer green space that extends one block south of the Avalon green space is operated by 5055 Wilshire has a full-time security detail on site, and far fewer problems. She also noted that residents of both the neighborhood and the Avalon enjoy using the grassy tree-lined space and meet there often with their dogs and children, and it’s a great route for runners to get off the busy streets. 

The GWNC Board is expected to discuss the complaints and remedies on Wednesday, Oct 8th (7 pm)  in its monthly meeting and may request the City to impose new corrective conditions that would provide adequate security and maintenance in the green space. The GWNC meeting is open to the public and interested or affected parties in the community are encouraged to attend. 

The Avalon Wilshire  property was completed in 2007 and offers one to three bedroom rental units and townhomes in  ”an ideal location for people with a zest for living.”


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Vol 12 Issue 82

Pub: Oct 10, 2014

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