Sat, Apr

If You are Remaining Silent, You are the Problem



WHAT THEY ARE SAYING--Some may consider the comparison of trump’s regime to Hitler’s Nazis as old hat, but there is truth in this comparison. For anyone that had the honor of talking to those that lived through the horrors of World War II Germany, there is one comment that seems to be shared. Even those that had been thrown into the concentration camps said that many people in their neighborhood were just “nice people.”

The problem stemmed from the fact that they were silent at the atrocities because it didn’t directly affect them and their families, and they went about their business. The same thing is happening in today’s political situation.

We are witnessing dictator behavior from trump and his cronies, refusing to abide by laws, circling loyalists around him that won’t prosecute him, and literally stepping on the Constitution.

Silence is an approval, and if you are not speaking out, then you are contributing to the destruction of the country. (Read the rest.)