Sat, Apr

I Admit — I am Enjoying the Trump Meltdown



WHAT THEY’RE SAYING--Everyone in our country that has a semblance of conscience and humanity has gone through the last years in a constant state of horror and disbelief. Every single day we have witnessed a madman who blackmails those around him so that they comply with his demand for loyalty to him (and not the country), rude and obnoxious behavior, bullying, racism, bigotry, sexism, and a litany of actions and nonsensical words that have made our jaws drop. 

We have watched, yelled, screamed, and called our representatives as the orange idiot in the White House makes a mockery of our government. A daily barrage of insanity has threatened to destroy the United States and our democratic experiment. All the while, his sycophant cult followers chant like people devoid of any ability for independent thinking. Nothing has been horrid enough for his supporters to reject him.

We knew that trump is a narcissist sociopath and unlike the dictators of the past, he isn’t bright enough to know when to stop or even shut up. We knew that it was only a matter of time before his 2 AM tweets from the toilet would get him into trouble, and so did Nancy Pelosi. As Speaker of the House she and Rep. Schumer, along with brilliant strategists such as Rep. Adam Schiff, simply dangled the idea of impeachment “not yet” so that it acted as a terrifying threat. Quietly and patiently they waited, knowing that trump is such a blowhard that they could just “give him enough rope and he would hang himself.”

We have finally arrived at the day when trump’s time is up and he knows it as well.

I want to preface this with a topic that has received little or no attention. It is a fact that the media needs to be held accountable for trump to begin with. They gave him so much free airtime during the campaigns that even he said that they didn’t have to pay for that form of marketing. In their eyes, trump was a path to ratings and money, so they let him spew his vomit of words, lying at every turn, and the media said nothing. To them, trump was a goldmine for getting viewers.

Like some kind of sick and twisted reality show, they simply sat back in silence. I blame them for not having the spine to stand up to him; and considering that they did everything that they could to attack Hillary Clinton and refuse to vet Bernie Sanders, they shined a spotlight on trump and their silence was an approval. We all know that instead of “news” many of the members of media simply follow the flow of popularity, so now that the people are getting sick of trump, even Fox has decided to call him out. (Read the rest.)