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Christian Donor Yanks Pledge to Fund Sick Baby’s Medical Expenses because She has Two Moms



INTEL REPORT--A person who said they were going to donate $7600 to a GoFundMe for a baby with cancer changed their mind when they found out that the baby had two mothers, blaming the baby’s cancer on “God’s way” of saying that lesbians shouldn’t raise kids.

Callie June, 18 months, has stage 4 nueroblastoma, a type of nerve cancer, and her moms Tiffany and Albree Shaffer have been by her side ever since the diagnosis.

Her moms have incurred a lot of debt to pay for her care and one of them quit her jobs to take care of Callie. So someone in her extended family set up a GoFundMe to help with expenses.

“We found out today that her cancer is in stage 4 and she is high risk,” the GoFundMe states. “She will need 18 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, she will need a bone marrow transplant, and also will need future surgery to remove the tumor once it shrinks.”

 “What I am asking is for you to help me take the financial burden off of these wonderful people.”

One person, instead of donating to the campaign, decided to leave a hateful comment instead.

“My prayers for Callie. I was going to donate $7600.00 to her fund, but I found out her parents are lesbian,” they wrote.

“I’ve chosen to donate to St. Jude due to that fact. Sorry. I’ll still pray for her though, but maybe it’s God’s way of getting your attention that she needs a mommy and a daddy, not two mommies.”

Her moms said that they are trying to focus on the positive.

“The most important part to us is the love, support and prayers to our little Callie,” they told KTVU.

The GoFundMe has raise around $68,000 of its $75,000 goal so far.

(Alex Bollinger writes for LGBTQNation.com … where this piece was first posted.)


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