Sat, May

He Lies (Again) and El Paso's Pissed


INTEL REPORT--The Great Pretender's ongoing hysteria about a wall to keep out his fictional “tremendous onslaught” of brown people is happily, increasingly running into its own wall - knowledgeable people in border areas pushing back and arguing #WallsDontWork.” 

The resistance ranges from officials in the border town of Nogales, Arizona taking down his newly installed, flesh-slicing, maximum-security-prison-flavored coils of razor wire on an existing border fence - WTF on the U.S. side yet - that was universally blasted as “inhuman” to both California's and New Mexico's governors withdrawing most  National Guard troops from the border, condemning Trump's  "fear-mongering." 

New Mexico's new governor even made a wild video in which she hurls herself through multiple flimsy but dusty walls to show what she thinks of the whole ignoring-real-problems-to-build-a-stupid-racist-wall thing. 

Monday, Trump heads to El Paso, where he won 25.7% of the 2016 vote and enraged everyone in a SOTU speech falsely declaring it a hell-hole of crime - a reality officials say only exists in "Sicario," given they boast one of the lowest crime rates of any big city.

The sheriff: "Trump continues to give a false narrative." A businessman: "The President is living in an alternative universe." Rep. Veronica Escobar, who shredded Matthew Whitaker and said of Trump: “He lies." Residents insist the city's biggest dangers are potholes, the new cheese at Chico's Tacos and the name of their city in Trump's "racist mouth," and vow, "! No Mames!" - no fucking way.

Trump's rally, hard by the "successful border fence," will be met by the Baby Trump blimp and a galvanized March For Truth and Celebration of El Paso featuring Beto O’Rourke, who often cites the contributions of immigrants to his city.

In this democracy, he told residents, "We (can) get past the lies and fear, focus on the facts and human lives in our midst, and do the right thing...The eyes of the country are on El Paso, and we're going to tell our story."

Me looking for all the violent crime and “danger” in El Paso: pic.twitter.com/Q0OJ9poYH2— Jorge Salgado (@SalgadoPhoto_)

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