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Easy Ways to Rid Toxins From Your Home & Secrets to Having a Happy Pet

You have likely had the experience of walking into a room for something – and then forgetting why. You probably feel foolish, yet it happens to everyone. What’s the reason? This episode begins with an explanation. 

Should you be concerned about toxins in your home? And if so, how do you get rid of them and where do you even begin? That is what toxicologist Daniella Chace is here to discuss. Daniella works with clients to rid their homes of potential toxic hazards and she has written a book called HomeDetox: Make Your Home a Healthier Place for Everyone Who Lives There. Listen as she offers a systematic approach to start to make your home less toxic.

If you have a pet dog or cat, you have questions – we all do. Here to answer some of the most important and often asked questions about keeping pets happy and healthy is veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne author of the books, Naturally Healthy Cats and Naturally Healthy Dogs. Every pet owner needs to hear her advice.

Anyone who has felt lonely – REALLY lonely, knows it feels horrible. Almost painful. And that is for a very good reason. Listen as I explain how the pain of loneliness is actually a good thing.  



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