Sat, Jun

Inventions That Changed Your World & How to Make Better Love and Money Decisions

Why are they called marshmallows? Where did the name Spam come from? Is there alligator in Gatorade? This episode begins with the interesting origins of some iconic foods.

Certain inventions throughout history have had a dramatic effect on how we all view the world. The mirror, photography, television, and the smartphone (amongst others) have all significantly altered how we see ourselves and our place on the planet. Listen to this intriguing tale as told by my guest Susan Denham Wade author of the book A History of Seeing in Eleven Inventions

Decisions about love and money are often the most difficult ones to make and ones we often get wrong. How can we improve our chances of making better love and money decisions? That is what Myra Strober is here to reveal. Myra is a labor economist, Professor Emerita at Stanford University and author of the book Money and Love: An Intelligent Roadmap for Life’s Biggest Decisions

From the time you were a child you have likely been told to stand up straight and suck in your gut. Part of that advice is good but the other part isn’t. Listen as I explain why.


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