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It’s Election Time Again, and Here Are My Recommendations


RANTZ AND RAVEZ - The November 8th Election is almost here…..Who should you vote for and why should you vote at all? 

It’s time for VOTERS to cast their votes during the November 8th election.  It is up to all of us to Vote to change the current negative direction of Los Angeles and ALL of CALIFORNIA from a crime and decaying place with continuing and exploding political corruption, excessive taxes, the most expensive gas in America, homeless living in the streets with neglected neighborhoods, poor public-school performance, and crisis in law enforcement while you are looking for a safe and productive place to live and raise a family in  Southern California.  If you, like me, are tired of the Homeless Population continuing to expand deeper into our residential neighborhoods and violent criminals attacking innocent victims and Millions upon Millions of Tax Dollars wasted on every crazy idea some CORRUPT or self - serving Elected Official has pushed forward with the never ending process of squandering  MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Dollars on useless programs that do nothing to remedy the Homeless Population or have any impact on improving public safety, but pad the wallets of the select few who have the inside track at City Hall, the County Board of Supervisors and Sacramento where elected officials find creative ways to increase our taxes and provide little if anything in return.  

My personal VOTING recommendations are based on interviews with many candidates, reading about  the candidates and propositions, and reflecting on the terrible living conditions and fear most people live under in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.  Most of us recognize that both Los Angeles and all of  California are not managed in a satisfactory manner. 

I have been a “No Party Preference Voter ” for a number of years.  I vote for the person and not the political party.  I have found Good Republicans and Good Democrats in elected office.  I have also found corrupt people associated with  both political parties.     

I encourage you to educate yourself on the candidates and issues on the ballot.  I have done my research and offer you my suggestions for the November 8th Election. 

I have not received any financial consideration for any of my recommendations.  My recommendations are brought to you in an Honest and Direct fashion with no strings attached unlike recommendations you may receive in the mail or from various political organizations.  

National Election 

United States Senator

Alex Padilla..I worked with the Senator when he was a member of the L.A. City Council.  A good and honest person.    

United States Representative - Congress

Brad Sherman..I have worked with the Congressman over the years.  The Congressman Knows how to connect with the community and represent his voters in Washington, D.C.   

Los Angeles City/Local Elections 


Rick J.  Caruso….Successful businessman and Former LAPD Commissioner.  Knows how to lead the city and make it work for everyone.  I only see positive results with Mayor Caruso in charge.  

City Attorney

Hydee Feldstein Soto…..Highly capable of moving the City Attorney’s Office forward from the current costly and ineffective bureaucracy it has become under the current leadership.  


Paul Koretz…Experienced elected official.  I have had my differences with Koretz over the years.  In this case, he is the only hope to have the Controller’s office run in and efficient manner.    

Los Angeles Community College District 

Trustee, Seat 2

Steve Veres 

Trustee, Seat 4

Ernest H.  Moreno 

Trustee, Seat 6

Gabriel Buelna 

Trustee, Seat 7

Kelsey Iino 

Member of the State Assembly 

46th District

Jesse Gabriel……An Honest and hard-working member of the State Assembly. 

Member of the State Assembly

40th  District

Suzette Valladares…A Dedicated member of the Calif State Assembly.  Can get things done for residents and business alike.  

Los Angeles City General Municipal Election 

Measure LH


Measure SP


Measure ULA


Measure LA


County of Los Angeles 

Supervisor 3rd District

Bob Hertzberg…Promises to serve the San Fernando Valley unlike Supervisor Sheila Kuehl who is facing criminal charges and leaving the Board of Supervisors.   


Alex Villanueva….The Sheriff has clashed with political officials some who are facing Felony Criminal Charges.  I personally support Sheriff Villanueva.  Honest and willing to enforce the laws.  We need a Sheriff who does not bend to political pressure.  Look at the City of L.A.  Councilmembers and city staff who are facing FBI criminal charges.  Linking Law Enforcement leadership to politicians is a bad idea.    

Judge of the Superior Court

Office 60. Abby Baron

Office 67. Fernanda Maria Barreto

Office 70.  Renee Yolande Chang

Office 90.  Melissa Lyons

Office 118.  Melissa Hammond

Office 151.  Karen A.  Brako

County Measure A.  A sure recipe for more political corruption in L.A.                  


County Measure C


State of California 

Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer.

No Recommendation 

Attorney General

Nathan Hochman 

Insurance Commissioner

Ricardo Lara 

Member State Board of Equalization 3rd District

Tony Vazquez 

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lance Ray Christensen 

State Measure 1 

No Recommendation 

State Measure 26 No.  State Measure 27 No.  State Measure 28 No.  State Measure 29 No.  State Measure 30 No.  State Measure 31 Yes. 

State Judicial 

Chief Justice of California and the judges associated with the California Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.  

I have no recommendations on any of these positions.  As is standard practice they will most likely all get confirmed pending something unusual. 

If you are not sure about a candidate, proposition or other measure you can leave that item blank. 


(Dennis P. Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ.  The column is published twice a month to enlighten you on issues impacting Los Angeles and your community.  Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman.)