LA’s ‘Green Rush’ Inexcusably Put On Hold

GUEST COMMENTARY--In an article in the LA Times Saturday, it was revealed that the legal adult use of Marijuana is on hold due to the inability of the City to get its act together and license existing Prop D compliant shops. 

State law allows recreational sales on January 1, 2018, but shops must get a City License then a State license before selling. 

You cannot get a state license until you get a city license so, shops will either not be able to sell, or will sell illegally. 

The average shop sells up to a half million dollars monthly now. It is anticipated that they will 2-3 times as much with recreational. 

If the City receives 10%, with 200 shops selling half million, the city loses $10 million monthly. Can you imagine a business allowing this kind of employee ineptitude? 

So, why not grab the easiest solution: Give provisional permits to each Prop D compliant existing BTRC? Then, collect the money. 

This is just one more instance of the city running to pick up a $20 bill while passing by a dozen $100 bills. 

Marijuana is legal in Colorado. Experts from Colorado recently told a hearing that it cost over $120 million to set up and operate the two divisions regulating their ordinance: Administration and enforcement. In my testimony I suggested the City should steal two people from Colorado because Los Angeles will not get it done on time or efficiently. 

Proof is in the pudding.

(Jay Handal is Co-Chair of the NC Budget Advocates, treasurer of the West Los Angeles NC and Los Angeles Police Commission Hearing Examiner. He is also a consultant to the cannabis industry. Mr. Handal’s views are his own.)