LA Leadership: Missing In Action

GUEST COMMENTARY-As I sit here writing, all surrounding cities have declared a 4 pm curfew. Los Angeles is still at 6 pm! 

Yesterday, Sunday, it took the LA County Board of Supervisors to do a county wide 4 pm curfew, while our Mayor remained at 6 pm. 

Meanwhile, our city burns. 

Millions of dollars in damage by thugs. 

I fully supported the BLM movement, and no innocent person should be killed by a police officer. 

BUT, these thugs feel like they have freedom to rob, burn and create chaos. 

I fully commend LAPD and LAFD for the way they have handled these past few days, especially as under-staffed as they are. 

But I can no longer support our Mayor. He has failed us during these horrible times.


(Jay Handal is a longtime activist and a Los Angeles businessman. He is an occasional contributor to CityWatch. The views expressed here are his own.)