Downtown Party Trolley, Yes … Leimert Park Expo Stop, No

URBAN VOICE - Here is the latest from the gang that claims "there's no money" to add resources to the Crenshaw-LAX Line for a station at the African-American cultural center of the region (Leimert Park Village) and underground the line for 11 blocks in Park Mesa Heights to preserve and enhance the region's last black business corridor (Crenshaw Blvd). 


At Wednesday's LA City Council meeting, the body adopted a plan to program $352 million Measure R local funds to operate a streetcar in the one part of the city that is filled with subways and bus lines (Downtown LA). 

On Page 2 under "Fiscal Impact Statement": 

"Approval of the recommendations in their report makes long-term commitments of Measure R local return funds for streetcar operations. A total of up to $352.4 million over 30 years (FY 2017-46) would be pledged for this purpose. Actual budgeting of Measure R funds would occur annually by Council and Mayor. If budgeted per the recommended programming, these funds would not be available for other purposes."  

And it comes on the heels of the city council cutting the very budget that provides DASH service for Leimert Park and Park Mesa Heights, among other parts of the city in need of the local circulator bus service. 

We can't even get well funded buses on Crenshaw, yet the Council proposes adding money to this very budget for the Downtown LA Party Trolley! 

The mover of the motion is Council Member Jose Huizar who as an MTA board member was part of the block of four votes controlled by outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa that defeated the motion to fund a station at Leimert Park Village and tunnel in Park Mesa Heights.

Who said politics is color blind?


(Damien Goodmon is chair of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition and Fix Expo Campaign and an occasional contributor to CityWatch.)





Vol 11 Issue 20

Pub: Mar 6, 2013