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LEANING RIGHT - The following link shows that a Los Angeles home sold in 2008 for 3.5 mil is now being offered for 2.6 mil. This home is indicative of trends nationwide:


Government sources show that the number of food stamp recipients has increased from 28 mil in 2008 to 44 mil in 2012. Unemployment has increased from 5% in 2008 to 8%+ in 2012 - real unemployment of course is double digit. We have not had a balanced government budget since 2008. Compare the price of gasoline in 2008 to the price now. The list goes on and on and most is related to 2008.

This adverse data affects the entire country but particularly affects residents in Los Angeles.

It is imperative that we use the November elections to rectify this downward spiral. The GOP presidential hopeful recently told a factory full of Ohio supporters that if he makes it to the White House, he will:

● make it easier for fossil fuel producers to create jobs
● abolish Obamacare
● cut the deficit
● crack down on theft of America’s intellectual property

This ‘hopeful’ promises that on the first day he will make it easier to drill for oil and gas. He also says, “we are going to get approval for that Keystone pipeline from Canada and if I have to build if myself to get it here, I’ll get that oil for America.”

We have seen that these efforts and capitalizing on the proven reserves in America will result in:

● Hundreds of thousands of jobs related to oil extraction
● Hundreds of thousands of support jobs
● Millions of other jobs as the stronger economy ripples
● Recovering housing market
● Breaking dependence on foreign oil

John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil, has corroborated these projections.

Obamacare was rejected by upwards of 70% of the American population. A nasty by-product is that it also affects the job market and the economy. Employers have cut back drastically on hiring because of the higher financial burdens for each additional employee due to Obamacare.

Cutting the deficit will be an easy task after the oil initiatives and abolishing Obamacare are implemented. The deficit should be cut in the first 5 minutes following the Keystone pipeline, developing the Bakken Oil Fields that contain 2,000 years worth of oil, developing the Green River Formation beneath Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, capitalizing on off shore and Gulf drilling, and taking advantage of Alaskan oil fields.

His fourth commitment to Ohio supporters that he will “crack down on theft of America’s intellectual property” really has two aspects. One aspect is the crackdown itself. The other is doing everything to stop outsourcing of US technology and jobs.

An example is the Hewlitt Packard recent announcement they are cutting 25,000 jobs from their US labor force. The first question that occurred to many is where are these jobs being relocated to overseas?

Given the above it is imperative on us to:

● Help this hopeful gain the White House
● Hold his feet to the fire on these commitments

(Kay Martin is a writer and a contributor to CityWatch. His years of travel and work included tours in Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Hawaii, Latin America, and the Pacific.  His new book “Along for the Ride” will be out and available shortly. He can be contacted at –cw

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Vol 10 Issue 50
Pub: June 22, 2012