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LA Sheriff’s Assn Comments on Sniper Hoax

VOICES--Association of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs’ (ALADS) statement in response to the sniper hoax and confession by Angel Reinosa as put forth by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department: 

ALADS condemns these actions in the strongest possible terms. Not only does it bring discredit to the department and our deputies, it jeopardizes the trust and good faith we ask for from the public and elected officials. Worst of all, it’s a slap in the face of deputies who have been shot in the line of duty, and to the families of those who paid the ultimate price for their service. 

It’s no secret that the relationship between law enforcement and the public has been strained by high-profile events in recent years. We have sought the faith and support of our communities through these challenging times, and that obligates us to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of our profession. 

We send our heartfelt thanks to the community of Lancaster for their incredible support. We know countless local residents were on high alert in the wake of the alleged shooting, many commuters were delayed, and local officials held nothing back in terms of their support. We apologize for the unnecessary strain this put on people in the immediate area, including the massive law enforcement response. We thank everyone for their patience.


(The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) is the collective bargaining agent representing more than 7,900 deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators working in Los Angeles County. Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/aladsonline)