Making Traffic Studies More Understandable

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--To meet a California mandate, the City of Los Angeles will be approving a new method for measuring traffic impacts of development projects.  There’s no stopping the new method. However it can mask traffic problems of development projects in our neighborhoods and take pressure off developers to mitigate these problems.

The State method looks at regional concerns.  The prior method focuses on the detriments to surrounding neighborhoods.  

LA’s Department of Transportation (LADOT) will still have many traffic analysis methods in its toolbox – the new one and the old ones. The problem is that we the public don’t know which methods they will use because LADOT hasn’t told us. 

SOHA has a simple solution.  LADOT documents which method they use and when – so we all know.  That’s called transparency. 

SOHA submitted the attached follow-up letter to Councilman Ryu, asking that the Council Transportation Committee require LADOT to document its traffic analysis methods in writing.  To read Click Here  

If you agree that this makes sense, email Justin.Orenstein@LACity.org in Councilman Ryu’s office and tell him you support SOHA’s position.


(Richard Close is President of the Sherman Oaks Homeowner’s Association. Contact SOHA.)