Faith and Religion are Not the Same Thing

ONE MAN’S OPINION-As Americans we have become steeped in constant lies. Much of Western Civilization is based on the rejection of facts and rational thought in favor of falsehoods. We sanctify these lies by calling them Faith, then we close our minds to the horrors that Faith and Lies have brought upon the world. 

Lies We Tell Ourselves are the Most Dangerous 

Since it is basically verboten to discuss this subject, most Americans do not understand that Faith and religion are not synonymous. Faith with a capital “F” refers to a certain type of belief – that its adherents possess the one sole Truth and any group who believes differently is evil. 

Not all religions or cultures believe they have found the one Truth for all mankind. Rather, they see their religion or culture as a way to regulate their own activity. Jewish tradition does not hold that non-Jews should follow Jewish customs. To be colloquial about it, Jews and Gays want the same thing from the rest of the world -- stop trying to kill us. Jews and most Gays invoke Martin Luther King, who succinctly restated the Declaration of Independence, by saying that we should judge a person by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. In brief, each person is an individual and should be evaluated on his or her individuality. 

Faith Based Religiosity Lays the Basis for Group Rights 

Group Rights ignore the individual’s inalienable rights and an individual’s merit, and instead evaluates people by their group membership. If you have faith in Jesus Christ as your savior, you are saved, but if you “refuse Jesus Christ,” you are damned for all eternity and have no rights under California Constitution article VI, section 10. 

The major reason that Americans are generally bigoted is due to our religiosity that causes them to see the world as Saved vs Damned, Good vs Evil, White vs Minority. Islam also proclaims that it alone has the one Truth, which is why much of Christian America, Europe and their outposts such as New Zealand see Islam as an existential threat. 

Dichotomization Leads to Group Rights Leads to War 

When one accepts the big lie that their group has the one truth and non-believers are infidels, killing others becomes part of God’s plan. Each group justifies its actions based on the danger the other group poses. The reality component to this belief system is that any group that believes it possesses the one Truth is a lethal danger to everyone else. The question is, when will they gain the power to rape, pillage and murder others? 

Why America Promotes Group Rights 

Although the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution rejected Group Rights in favor of individual inalienable rights, politicos like Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi make money and gain votes by ginning up group hatreds. Nancy Pelosi intentionally gave Rep. Omar a high visibility position on the House Foreign Relations Committee expressly to capitalize on Omar’s anti-Semitism. 

Looking ahead to the 2020 Presidential election, Pelosi saw that the Progressives with their large contingent of left-wing anti-Semites were likely to sit out the election much as the Berniecrats had done in 2016. By making the Democrat Party safe for anti-Semites, Pelosi used the hatred spawned by the Group Rights mentality to increase the likelihood that the left-wing anti-Semites would stick with a Joe Biden or some other centrist candidate. 

Trump, Hero of White Supremacists 

Anyone who thinks that Trump does not echo Group Rights is living in Never-Neverland. Since Trump suffers from a Histrionic Personality Disorder, his support of Group Rights is less calculated than that of Pelosi. Histrionics mindlessly go where the cheering is loudest and extremists are shouting the most. It does not matter if Trump’s saying that small “n” nazis are decent people is grounded in his histrionic limited mental capacity. The meaning of his message is in its receipt by the far-right wing, which believes that Trump supports their philosophy of White is Right. 

Small ‘n’ vs Capital “N’ 

We should distinguish between small “n” nazis and capital “N” Nazis. Likewise, we should distinguish between “nazification,” which is pursing some of the beliefs of the German Nazis, from Nazism, which is the full embrace of its totalitarian and genocidal agenda. Americans are correct to worry about small “n” nazification” when the government takes children seized from their parents and ships them off the camps based on the big lie that their parents present a national security risk. The German Nazi tactics have too many points in common with Trump’s vilification of Mexicans and with California’s anti-Semitic judges for us to deny the parallels. Yet, we deny, deny, deny. 

Why Do We Deny, Deny, Deny? 

Both political parties have staked their existence on Group Rights. Just as Trump’s adherents did not benefit from separating toddlers from their parents, Blacks do not benefit from the racist Democrat narrative of White Entitlement. The purpose of White Entitlement is to make Blacks believe that all White people and especially Jews are the problem. Under this victimization philosophy, Jesus and Barack Obama would be prime oppressors. It is amazing how many Christians do not know that Jesus was always Jewish and was never a Christian. Obama is one-half White and had a completely WASP upbringing. His first White American ancestor was Jonathan Singletary Dunham, born in 1640 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was educated at the University of Hawaii and Harvard University after which he returned to Kenya without playing a role in his son’s life.  

These facts are presented solely to show the sheer folly of Group Rights and Group Victimization claims. Are we to believe that Obama’s White side victimized him into the U.S. Presidency? Or do we believe that White Entitlement is so great that his Whiteness washes away the Blackness?   

Democrats Identity Politics and GOP Supremacist Politics Threaten the Republic’s Existence 

Nancy Pelosi and rest of the Dem leadership have tied the party to its racist Group Rights Identity Politics, thereby counting on ginning up hatred among minorities against Whites. The GOP, on the other hand, relies on various forms of Europeanism and Christian fundamentalism to remain in power.  Neither party embraces individual inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

Both the Dems and the GOP are equally to blame for the increasing inter-group violence. If we Americans took the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution seriously, we would impeach both Trump and Pelosi.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Rickleeabrams@Gmail.com. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.