Fri, Aug

Koreatown Lesson: Watch Out Elected Officials!

JUST SAYIN’--The Koreatown subdivision election had a voter turnout of almost 19,000 stakeholders. 

This should be an eye opener for our elected officials.  Don't screw with neighborhood councils! 

The power NC's have is the power we take. And the power is in the ballot box.  

Last year, in Council District 7, a hotly contested election drew about 11,000 voters. 

Here, a hot topic in a neighborhood council area drew 19,000. That tells us a lot.

If NC's can get their act together, they can make change. 

If NC's would focus on their core mission instead of internal strife of piggy bank giveaways, they can make change. 

If NC members are properly trained, they can make change. Maybe that's why the city has consistently chopped DONE budget or instructed the general manager NOT to focus on core issues and trainings. 

I say, based on this sub division election: RISE UP… take back your area. Don't be held back by petty infighting. 

Demand proper training as opposed to punitive action for the untrained. 

Demand the changes LA needs in the neighborhood council system to make it work. 

Just Sayin’ …


(Jay Handal is a long-time neighborhood council activist, is Co-Chair of the NC Budget Advocates and is a contributor to CityWatch.)