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Ashcroft Residents Work to Stop ‘Waze Craze’ Traffic


LA’S NEIGHBORHOODS-A West Hollywood resident has organized a campaign against the so-called “Waze Craze” that is upsetting people in some residential areas by diverting commuters down residential streets. 

During rush hour on Thursday Joel Becker, a resident of Ashcroft Avenue, took to the street with Joel Ring to hold up a sign asked drivers to slow down. Becker also sought signatures from residents on a petition to the West Hollywood City Council asking the city to devise “traffic calming” measures for Ashcroft, which he said are increasingly necessary because of the cars directed down that residential street by the Waze app. Such measures could include the installation of road bumps to slow traffic and make the street less desirable for motorists in a hurry. 

Waze is a smartphone app owned by Google that collects the traffic patterns of its users and uses them to recommend faster ways to get from point A to point B. If one route is too crowded, Waze will recommend a less crowded one, which may well divert a driver off a commercial street and through a residential neighborhood.  (Read the rest.)  





Vol 13 Issue 37

Pub: May 6, 2015

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