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DMV Jammed: Wasn’t Prepared for the Illegal Immigrant Drivers License Surge


PERSPECTIVE-Have you tried to schedule an appointment for a license renewal lately? 

I received a renewal reminder in mid-January. The expiration of my license is March 18th. 

Within a week after receiving it, I attempted to schedule an appointment at the DMV.  I tried several offices in the area – the earliest appointments were in early to mid-April.  Does me a lot of good. 

I called Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian’s office for assistance.  The field rep confirmed my suspicion that the lack of timely appointments was due to the surge of applicants caused by the passage of AB 60, the bill authorizing the licensing of illegal immigrants. 

Put aside the divisive politics for a moment.  When the legislature passes a bill that creates a reasonably predictable response – and certainly anyone in Sacramento could have figured AB 60 would send people flocking to the DMV – would it not make sense to staff offices accordingly, even extend hours into the evening? 

Better yet, why not grant automatic 30-day extensions to those of us with the misfortune to have their renewals fall in this timeframe? 

I suggested that to Nazarian’s field representative.  He doubted anything could be done. 

“Why not executive action,” I asked.  Once again, he could not see that happening. 

I guess Governor Brown is too preoccupied with laying track for HSR. 

The rep did say he would pass along my suggestion to the Assembly Member. 

My next stop – State Senator Hertzberg. 

I will keep you posted.


(Paul Hatfield is a CPA and former NC Valley Village board member and treasurer.  He blogs at Village to Village and contributes to CityWatch. He can be reached at: [email protected])





Vol 13 Issue 11

Pub: Feb 6, 2015



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