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Sober Lindsay Lohan: ‘I Won’t Live in LA Again, Hell No’


CELEBRITY-Those of you hanging around the Chateau Marmont hoping to catch a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan can go home. Lohan has been living in London for the past nine months, and in an interview with the Observer, she says she has no plans to return to the City of Angels. "I won't live in LA again, hell no," she says.  

"My friends tell me sh*t when they come over I don't want to hear. I don't even know who got married and who got pregnant. You turn on the news in LA and it is all gossip about people. ... I love the BBC. 

“I haven't heard myself mentioned on TV since I have been here. That has been really weird for me, and great." 

She says London is one of the main reasons for her current sobriety (it's right up there with Oprah Winfrey's intervention). "In LA I didn't know what to do apart from go out every night," she says. 

"That's when my friends were free. And I would go out and there would be all these cameras there and that's when it became difficult." 

In London, she continues, "I can go for a run here on my own. I do every morning, early, and I think how my friends in New York would still be up partying at that time. I needed to grow up and London is a better place for me to do that than anywhere else."


(Evann Gastaldo reports at newser.com … where this piece was first posted.)




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Pub: Dec 19, 2014

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