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The Shellacking of Barak Obama and America’s Discontent


LEANING RIGHT-Riding a surge of voter discontent, for all the reasons too long to list, Republicans seized control of the Senate on Tuesday, giving the GOP full command of Congress and promising a contentious final two years of the Obama administration. 

After months of voter surveys suggested a close battle for the Senate, the GOP romped into the majority, gaining eight seats —more than needed. The media had various words for it. I refer to it as a shellacking.  

If not a wave, the results suggested at least a strong Republican swell. 

When Obama came into office he said he was going to change things. Apparently he forgot or never even considered that he works for us. We don’t work for hm. 

As his party's defeats rolled in, President Obama invited congressional leaders from both parties to the White House on Friday afternoon. 

The incoming Senate majority leader, Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, sounded a conciliatory note in Louisville when he addressed supporters after his reelection victory Tuesday night. 

“Tomorrow the papers will say I won this race. But the truth is, tonight we begin another one — one that's far more important than mine — and that's to turn this country around,” McConnell told the crowd. 


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“I don't expect the president to wake up tomorrow and view the world any differently than he does now. He knows I won't either,” McConnell said. “But we do have an obligation to work together on the issues where we can agree. ... Just because we have a two-party system doesn't mean we have to be in perpetual conflict.” 

The fact is the president will wake up tomorrow and completely shake these events as if they never even happened. After a while you start wondering and scratching your head. 

Obama claims that we are too big for our britches and he set out bringing us down to the level of the rest of the developing world. On 4 November the United States said “no you are not.” You had better check your britches and see what they are full of.


 (Kay Martin is an author and a CityWatch contributor. His new book, Along for the Ride, is now available. He can be reached at  [email protected] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )





Vol 12 Issue 90

Pub: Nov 7, 2014



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