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People Power: Historic Sycamore Trees Saved


STUDIO CITY- Cantura Street's Sycamore trees are on their way to historical designation as Councilmember Krekorian moves forward to protect the trees. Last week, he met with the residents of the Studio City neighborhood to discuss the progress.  

The quiet street is lined with 90-year-old, 100 foot high Sycamore trees, planted when Studio City was first developed in the 1920s. As developers have purchased homes on the street, they have torn down at least five of these trees in order to comply with current city codes requiring wider driveway aprons from the street. Currently, 105 of the original trees remain.  

When residents informed Councilmember Krekorian about the problem, he introduced a motion to designate the trees as a Historic Cultural Monument in the City of Los Angeles. On Oct. 7, the City Council unanimously voted to pass the motion, beginning the process to protect the trees. 

"This is one of the most beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods we have in all of Studio City," said Krekorian. "I first learned that there was risk to some of these trees when some of the residents expressed their concern about it. I share their concern. These beautiful trees are worth preserving and I will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that they continue to be the wonderful asset to this neighborhood." 

Click here to view pictures from last week's visit.  


(This article provided by the 2nd Council District office of Paul Krekornian.)







Vol 12 Issue 85

Pub: Oct 21, 2014

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