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UPDATE: Inglewood City Clerk Trying to get Butts’ Butt Out of the Box


INSIDE INGLEWOOD-On July 24, Inglewood mayor James T. Butts filed his running papers for the November, 2014 Inglewood mayoral race. In the legal filing, Butts claims his domicile is at "815 N. LaBrea, PMB #186"—presumably in Inglewood. (There is neither a city, state nor ZIP code mentioned in the legal documents.) The running papers were filed at Inglewood city clerk Yvonne Horton’s office.

A “PMB” is a Private Mailbox, a designation which the United States Postal Service (USPS) changed in June, 1999. According to USPS regulations, commercial mail-receiving agencies (CMRAs) such as Mail Boxes Etc. will only receive U.S. mail deliverable to its customers if the CMRA customers have filled out a Form 1583 and produced two forms of identification including a photo ID. (It is also federal law that copies of each ID will be kept by the CMRA and the USPS.)

According to California State Election Code 349(b), a “domicile” is “that place in which his or her habitation is fixed, wherein the person has the intention of remaining, and to which, whenever he or she is absent, the person has the intention of returning. At a given time, a person may have only one domicile.”

Butts is 6’4” and weighs approximately 285 lbs. The PMB that he has legally filed as his domicile for the November, 2014 City of Inglewood mayoral election is approximately 5” wide by 6” high and 12” deep.

UPDATE: On Thursday, Sept 4, after the MP Chronicle and CityWatch posted this story, Horton changed the official listing to include the city, state and ZIP code of the mayor’s officially filed address. The above link to the city clerk’s office now reflects the rectified listing.

The official filing date deadline, however, was on Friday, August 8.


At present, Butts has a signed an affidavit with LA County Registrar Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) Dean Logan that his “domicile” is 2512 West 102nd Street, Inglewood CA 90303.

On that sworn affidavit whereon Butts claimed his address as 2512 West 102nd Street is the statement: “It is a felony if you sign this statement even though you know it is untrue; you can be fined and imprisoned for up to three years.” Below the statement is Butts’ signature.

Butts also filed his city hall office number, 310-412-5300, as his contact telephone. The number has an outgoing message by the mayor’s executive assistant, Melanie McDade-Dickens, and it may mean that the mayor is using taxpayer resources to run a political campaign.  

Requests for comment to Horton and Butts were not returned by press time.



(Randall Fleming is a veteran journalist and magazine publisher. He has worked at and for the New York Post, the Brooklyn Spectator and the Los Feliz Ledger. He is currently editor-in-chief at the Morningside Park Chronicle, a weekly newspaper based in Inglewood, CA and on-line at www.MorningsideParkChronicle.com.  Mr. Fleming’s views are his own and do not reflect the views of CityWatch.) Photo credit: Randall Fleming






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Pub: Sep 5, 2014

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