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Cowboys Eat Sushi and What Happened to the Lodge?


STUDIO CITY- Studio City is home to many oldtimers who worked in the film, television and music industry as well as Lockheed Corporation. I had a friend who worked on the stealth bomber and others who worked for NASA. Our neighboring Van Nuys General Aviation Airport was a giant hub of activity. 

We are basically a working neighborhood, a very hard-working one – not by any means wealthy. Years ago we had much more community spirit. We often came together to put on a sidewalk sale or a terrific July Fourth parade . That was back in the days when we had a close-knit group of people who inspired us to participate in neighborhood events. The inspiration seems to be lacking these days. 

For one thing we had a Mayor – Tom Bradley – who was a people person. We’ve also had strong Chiefs of Police, Daryl Gates, who really enforced the law. If you threw a napkin out of your car window on the freeway, there was a CHP officer riding on your tail to ticket you. You learned your lesson the hard way. (Read the rest here)  






Vol 12 Issue 69

Pub: Aug 26, 2014


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