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New: Alarming FEMA Region lll Alert Revisited


CERDAFIED-Last August I wrote a CityWatch article warning people to prepare for event that was planned for FEMA Region 3 around October 1st. Over 3 million people who took heed and decided to prepare for an unknown event.  They shared the article in a spirit of common good, allowing other people the right to decide for themselves if the information had any value. That kindness benefited quite a few people when the government shut down.  But was that the big event? All we can do is look at the past events leading up to and after October 1st 

The Past-The 9/11 narrative unraveled as quickly as they put it together.  But it did not stop the government from utilizing it for its war agenda.  The 9/11 Commission did nothing to change the narrative, and American’s mistrust of their government slowly solidified into a cold war. The implementation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the enacting of the National Defense Authorization Act and  the Patriot Act were signs of things to come. 

In a decade we became a nation with a presidential kill list, a torture prison, a list of wars to attend to, and a growing list of foreign leaders we assassinated.  So when they built their FEMA camps, began massive surveillance of its citizens, bailed out criminal banks, and began targeting Christians, whistleblowers and activists, that cold war became an Occupy movement, an Anonymous movement, and the Tea Party emerged as an opposition to this NEW America. More militia’s groups sprang up and for the first time, in a long time, people supported it.  (Read the rest of Lisa Cerda’s perspective … including how the government began preparing for cold war … here.) 









Vol 12 Issue 37

Pub: May 6, 2014






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