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Father of “Craigslist Killer” May Be IUSD Employee


INSIDE INGLEWOOD-The father of one of the two alleged “Craigslist killers” is an IUSD employee and CalPro Local 2345 member Robert Roth, according to an upper-level IUSD executive management person who requested anonymity who is familiar with the proceedings.

Reached for comment, IUSD state-appointed trustee Dr. Don Brann “That’s sad news for all involved. Terrible!”

Seventeen-year old Inglewood resident Ryan Roth is the alleged shooter in the death of Rene Balbuena, 41, who was killed when he and his son responded to a Craigslist ad the evening of October 19 in LA Balbuena was declared dead at the scene and his son was treated for a bullet grazing. 

Roth and another young man charged in the incident, Markell Thomas, 18, were arraigned Tuesday, November 12 in downtown Los Angeles.

The LA County DA has charged both suspects with two counts each of second-degree robbery.

On former LA Times writer Michael Krikorian’s blog both are said to be “members of the Inglewood Neighborhood Piru, a small Blood-associated set based near Rogers Park in Inglewood.”

Robert Roth did not report to work on the day of the arraignment  nor on the date of the arrest in late October. Asked if there was any investigation into IUSD, LAPD Detective Chris Barling stated that “the father is not involved in the murder.”

Thomas and Ryan Roth and scheduled to return to court December 17.


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Vol 11 Issue 93

Pub: Nov 19, 2013


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