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Exciting New Theater Company Offer’s Hamlet for Openers


PERFORMING ARTS LA-The TE Rep is a new theater company in San Pedro and is part of the newly flourishing cultural and entertainment environment in that part of town. 

TE Rep has chosen Shakespeare's Hamlet for its opening number. It has a talented cast and director, to say the least. 

The TE Rep (which is short for the Theatricum Elysium) is located at 311 W. 7th St, San Pedro. The play begins November 7 and will run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening as well as Saturday afternoons through December 21, except for the week of Thanksgiving. 

The show stars Aaron Ganz as Hamlet, Lucy Sheftall as Ophelia, Paris Langle as Horatio, Reuben Uy as Laertes, Gugun Deep as Polonius, and a strong supporting cast. 

This group seems to have found the right balance between enunciation and dramatic action. Check the video out here and see for yourself.  


Tickets are available here.  


(Bob Gelfand writes on culture and politics for CityWatch.)












Vol 11 Issue 90

Pub: Nov 8, 2013


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