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LA Councilman Cedillo Yanks Funds from LA River, Redirects them to His Discretionary Account


POLITICS - (Ed Note: Newly minted LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo has wasted no time in his effort to take ownership of the 1st District.

Before he was sworn in, he appeared at City Council to argue against a motion made by his predecessor. Now, roughly six weeks in office, he is pulling money back from Ed Reyes supported projects. Here’s the Wave report.) 

New City Councilman Gil Cedillo has reclaimed $1.46 million in funds his predecessor had earmarked for Los Angeles River projects and renovations at a family resource center. 

The City Council Tuesday signed off on two motions authored by Cedillo that rescind fund transfers made at the last minute by former Councilman Ed Reyes. 

Cedillo said he has other uses in mind for the discretionary funds, which are needed to “address community needs” in his district. (Read the rest)





Vol 11 Issue 63

Pub: Aug 6, 2013




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