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Is LA’s Plastic Bag Ban Just a New Way for Stores to Charge You More?


LA WEEKLY - LA will become the largest city in America to outlaw one-time-use plastic bags at grocery stores and markets if the City Council's vote today stands. 


Opponents of the measure say it's a gift to the city's powerful grocery store chains because they'll get to keep the 10 cents per paper bag you'll inevitably pay when you forget to bring your reusable toes to the market: 

The Bag the Ban campaign and the American Progressive Bag Alliance say the council is just letting big box stores, grocery chains and pharmacies make more money off Angelenos by now charging you for bags when they weren't before. 

The Alliance even calls it a new grocery "tax."  (Read the rest … including what Heal the Bay has to say … here)  







Vol 11 Issue 50

Pub: June 21, 2013


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