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It’s Over: Eric Garcetti Wins 2013 LA Mayoral Election, Wendy Greuel Concedes


LA ELECTION 2013 - Eric Garcetti will be Los Angeles' next mayor.

By 3 a.m. Wednesday, with 100 percent of the votes counted, Garcetti had received 54 percent of the vote, making  him L.A.'s first elected Jewish mayor.


Opponent Wendy Greuel, who received 46 percent of the vote, called Garcetti to concede shortly before 2 a.m., LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus and Los Angeles Times reporter Seema Mehta tweeted. Had she won the race, Greuel would have been the city's first female mayor.

Garcetti tweeted a grateful message to voters shortly before 3 a.m. (Read the rest … including new Mayor’s first tweet … here)  



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Pub: May22, 2013





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