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Did Councilman Reyes Break his Promise To Glassell Park?


VOICES - On the City Council agenda Tuesday, in a completely snarky move, Ed Reyes has pushed forward a motion (CFN#13-0532) regarding the sale of City Property to one of his campaign contributors; a KIA car dealership owner. 


The sale of a piece of property that 7 years ago was promised to the community of Glassell Park, to be left as passive green space until the new High School being built on adjacent property was completed. 

The hope was for a pleasant area that could benefit safer egress and access to school on the highly trafficked San Fernando Road. 

Instead we have a direct sale of the property for 320k scheduled for election day, in a district with one of the hottest contested elections-between the chief of staff  (Jose Gardea) who has remained mostly hidden from public view for the last 10 years-against the ”newcomer” Gil Cedillo who has represented the region in Sacramento for 12 years. 

The property was purchased for $1,162,678.00, how does it benefit the city to sell it for 320k? Doesn’t LAUSD have rights to first refusal? Where is an open bidding process? 

The school has been opened for a year and a half.  How much money has the dealer and his staff contributed over the years to Ed Reyes, and Jose Gardeas’ campaigns? 

Hearing of rumors of a sale behind closed doors, in January, the community (GPIA.org) sent in 2 PRAs regarding the lease/sale and a cell tower on the property, with the usual response from CD 1 to community requests…none. 

The information on the committee reports states that there is community support for the sale, and that the location is in Eagle Rock. ALL WRONG-as our “environmental” Council District 1 pushes forward improvements. See photo above.


(Alisa Smith is GPIA President and previously served on the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council for five years. She currently serves as LA Neighborhood Council Coalition Secretary.)





Vol 11 Issue 41

Pub: May 21, 2013




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