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Mayor’s Race: A Week That Felt Like a Month


PERSPECTIVE - What a week it was. 

Wendy Greuel was backtracking and attempting to re-position herself as the candidate who will try to please all of the people, all of the time. In the process, she proved you cannot believe anything she says, most of the time. 


After her impassioned statement of support to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor last week, she was called in by the LA Chamber of Commerce to explain her remarks as they contradicted her previous position on pension reform. 

While the Chamber did not withdraw its endorsement, a fundraiser was cancelled. 

It is reasonable to assume Greuel’s support in the labor and business communities may have been dampened by her flip-flopping. This could result in the loss of a few points, something she can ill afford. 

Bill Clinton’s endorsement might offset some or all of this loss, but it simply means she is on a treadmill gaining no ground. Certainly, it is not the time to make a wholesale change in her campaign staff, but that is exactly what she did. 

If Garcetti is endorsed by President Obama, his support may increase by a few points. 

Overall, neither of these presidential nods will decide the race; there are two big shoes ready to fall – possible endorsements by Jan Perry and Kevin James. They outweigh both Clinton’s and Obama’s. 

The two runners-up in the primary command a loyal core of supporters. And they live in LA not on the other coast. For sure, some of their followers will take a pass on casting a vote in the runoff, but the others will likely take part and follow the lead of their former champions. 

I listened to Kevin James on KABC today. Although he did not make an endorsement, I could tell from his answers he favors Garcetti. 

How about Perry? It is difficult to conceive she will back Greuel after the bitterness between the two in the final stages of the primary campaign. 

I see the following possibilities: 

Both endorse Garcetti, with some reservations. 

One endorses Garcetti and the other stays neutral. 

In any event, advantage Garcetti. 

The debates will be interesting if the moderators pin them down on specifics. Greuel will be more vulnerable to any line of questioning dealing with pension reform. If she sticks with here wishy-washy answer of “going to the table,” enough of her current supporters will feel unsure of her position and perhaps choose to sit the election out. 

Garcetti has to be ready to press the issue, but then he must be prepared to be specific himself. He has taken some firm positions already, including his vote in favor of reducing the benefits for future hires.


(Paul Hatfield is a CPA and serves as Treasurer for the Neighborhood Council Valley Village.  He blogs at Village to Village, contributes to CityWatch and can be reached at: [email protected]) –cw








Vol 11 Issue 26

Pub: Mar 29, 2013