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Why Angelenos Didn't Give a Damn about This Election


LA OBSERVED - Even by LA standards, turnout was pathetic. Just 16 percent of registered voters cast ballots, one of the lowest showings ever recorded in Los Angeles. Guess all those mailers and TV ads didn't do the trick. 

Same with the 40-odd debates (aka The Sleeping Channel, which is coming soon to your local cable company). 


Actually, I feel kind of sorry for the folks running for mayor - they all meant well, and goodness knows, they've worked hard. But they're not exactly natural born leaders. Hell, let's just say it: They were the dullest, most unimaginative group of candidates I can ever recall following. 

They focused on platitudes instead of solutions. They burrowed into topics that Angelenos don't understand or care about. Structural deficits? Pension reform? The gross receipts tax? I follow this stuff all the time, and even I was bored by the patter. 

We should be honest with ourselves: The people of LA are a highly diverse, largely self-involved bunch and in the final analysis they have only three common interests: (Read more … including what LA’s common interests are … here.)





Vol 11 Issue 20

Pub: Mar 8, 2013



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