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What’s Wrong with This Picture: IBEW Union Busts Mayors Race Spending Cap


TRANSPARENCY WATCH - I just received notice from the City Ethics Commission that the spending limits for the mayoral primary campaign have been abolished. 

Let me ask you, what’s wrong with this picture? 

Candidates for mayor agree to limit their campaign spending to $2,798,000 million in the primary in exchange for up to $667,000 in matching funds (your tax dollars, I might add). 


However, some candidates in the race have raised over $3.5 million because as soon as Super PACs or independent expenditure campaigns spend $309,000 to support or oppose one candidate, the spending limit is lifted. 

So now, candidates get to spend beyond the limit they agreed to and keep $667,000 in matching funds, in addition to having a free-spending Super PAC expending millions on their behalf. 

I think this is wrong!   

One of the major donors to the independent expenditure that busted the spending cap is IBEW Local 18, the union that represents the DWP employees.  I’m not going to mince words.  The DWP employees earn a salary that is 40% higher than other city employees. Meanwhile, your DWP rates go, unfairly, through the roof.  

The reason why DWP can take advantage of you is because IBEW Local 18 attempts to buy politicians with million dollar independent expenditure campaigns.  Do you think the next mayor will be able to keep your DWP rates down and negotiate a balanced budget with a group who just spent millions of dollars getting them elected?  I certainly do not. 

We have a chance to change this system. In addition to protecting DWP consumers, growing our economy, building a 21st century transportation system, and reforming our pension system, my campaign is also about sending a message to the special interests and Super PACs who want to continue transactional politics and backroom deals at City Hall.  Let’s show them that their big dollars are no match for my grassroots supporters. 

Please support a vision for transparency, and open, accessible government. A vision that ranks the needs of residents over the aims of Super PACs and other interests that seek to buy our elections. 

As mayor, I will work hard for you and make our city a place we can all be proud of. 

(Jan Perry is candidate for Los Angeles mayor. Contact her at JanPerry.com or to offer support, here.)




Vol 11 Issue 13

Pub: Feb 13, 2013

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