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Women are Only Second Class Citizens if They Allow It to be So


BACK TALK - Wow! I didn’t know that my gender of the species was inferior.

(“Women Not Constitutionally Equal”-CityWatch)   Surely women with more than 3 brain cells recognize that we quietly run the Western world, using our lovely men for, among other things, to stand forth as our physical and intellectual warriors, a role men still do enjoy. It’s hormonal. 

Next month begins my 70th year. So far, I haven’t learned or even been told that I am an inferior citizen, at least not by anyone who matters. I was a daughter to a mom and dad who demanded I receive education, kicked my butt when I was wrong, laid serious responsibility on me to become a worthy member of society and then assured me daily that I could do whatever I wished with my life in my USA. President was mentioned as a why not, but watching Secretary of State appointments twice in the past decade will do for a start. 

I’m not acquainted with second class citizens in the USA, male or female, except for those who  allow themselves to be so, choosing to sacrifice self-respect. Every woman legally in this country has the absolute right to success or failure depending on the quality of their effort, to be a contributor or to be a drag on society and a government blood sucker. But so does every guy, so? 

As for rights, dear Lord do we have rights and were it not for the wise men who tempered our democratic powers within the  Constitution, all you victims out there who want everything for nothing would democratically pull this country down around our ears and then want more rights, but never the inconvenience of responsibility. 

I prescribe a job, volunteering time for something that actually does  some good, participation in life and recovery of your self-respect by publicly burning the EBT vote bribe. 

Ladies, you have any right you wish to exercise, but you sometimes  can’t exercise them with impunity while you are beholding to government and political correctness for a check.


(Royan Herman owns a ranch and lives in Los Angeles)




Vol 11 Issue 12

Pub: Feb 8, 2013


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