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American Socialist Education: Mission Accomplished

CERDAFIED - Parents are in for a shock if they happen to help their children with their history lessons. If you’re expecting a factual and unbiased viewpoint of history, one that spurs debate and critical thinking, you’re not going to find it in many of the current high school student text books.  The dumbing down of America is all but achieved and evident. 
A recent article in the Huffington Post featured the criticism by Conor Friedersdorf of one history textbook: a 2003 edition of “The American Vision” by Professors Joyce Appleby, Alan Brinkley, Albert Broussard, James McPhereson, and Donald Ritchie.
Friedersdorf’s focus was on the portrayal of current history such as; 9/11, The Patriot Act, and terrorism. He felt the content was bowdlerized, expunging relevant facts and settling for a perspective coming straight from of the Bush Administration.
It would be too easy to focus on this whitewashing of American history as a stand alone subject. Our concerns would be better spent looking at the bigger picture. How has the American educational system fallen so far from former glory? And more importantly why? 
It would be too easy to blame economics, overcrowded schools, underpaid and thus under motivated teachers. We could blame it on social circumstances, broken homes, poverty, and addiction with in the homes. None of this explains the demise of our educational system. It can distract you from the truth.
I had a unique opportunity to be educated in classrooms across America and during the 60’s the schools were vastly different in styles of teaching, curriculum, and emphasis on educational discipline. I attended schools in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, California, Ohio, and several small stints in places in between. 
In Tennessee I studied chemistry in 6th grade and knew the periodic table, and was taught to debate, critical thinking was key. In Utah, high math was available in junior high, summer school allowed you to advance your studies instead of just making up for failed classes. Reading did not fall by the wayside after 6th grade, you advanced to literature, mythology, playwrights, and more. 
Texas was slower a pace. But California by far was lagging. What was happening to the educational system? 
Charlotte Iserbyt, the former Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, US Department of Education to Ronald Reagan during his first term, discovered a strategic long term plan to undermine the American education system by wealthy well known tax free foundations.  Her collection of books, pamphlets, and testimony of credible witnesses support her claims. 
Iserbyt has been an outspoken critic of the American education system since her return to America after her long term service in the American Red Cross in Guam and Japan during the Korean War and in the US Foreign Service in Belgium and Republic of South Africa.  She enrolled her children in our public school system and became horrified at the curriculum and set about to restore it. This endeavor led her to author many articles and a book and she is a featured guest speaker detailing the US-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in affect to this day. She wrote, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”.
In her book she creates a chronological time table of events that reveal how and why our educational system has failed us. It shows how this hundred year plot moved forward incrementally behind which a cast of facilitators and many would say “traitors” contributed to its final decimated state.  I shall share this with you shortly.
But first, let’s look at the single most powerful spark for this madness. It begins on Nov. 25, 1910, when Andrew Carnegie creates a 10 million dollar endowment, and selected 28 trustees for whom he asked one compelling question. “Is there any way known to man more, effective than war, to alter the lives of an entire people?”  For over a year the trustees looked for peaceful means to change society. They concluded that war was the most effective way.
Carnegie instructed the trustees to use the fund to "hasten the abolition of international war, the foulest blot upon our civilization," and he gave his trustees "the widest discretion as to the measures and policy they shall from time to time adopt" in carrying out the purpose of the fund.
So the “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” asked themselves, “So how do we involve the United States in a war? We must control the State Department. We must take over and control the diplomatic machinery of this country (i.e. The Council on Foreign Relations)." -- Carnegie Foundation documented records, 1908.   
The trustees certainly had the means to influence the “diplomatic machinery.” Among them were 
Harvard University President Charles W. Elliot, Philanthropist Robert S. Brookings, former Ambassador to Great Britain Joseph H. Choate, former Secretary of State John W. Foster, former President of MIT and then-President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Henry Pritchett, and Carnegie Institution President Robert Woodward. 
World War 1 was the solution to the problem. In 1914, the Carnegie Foundation then asked, "How do we prevent a reversion or reversal of life to how people were before the war? We must control education in the United States and specifically the teaching of American history.”
A three prong method was agreed upon whereas, the Rockefeller Foundation would handle the educational challenge "domestically" in the United States.  The Carnegie Endowment could then handle it internationally and the Guggenheim Foundation was in charge of finding doctorial candidates who would adhere to the curriculum of, "The American Historical Association", which followed the Prussian PH.D Education System.
The purpose of this new educational system was summarized as, "The future of this country belongs to collectivism administered with characteristic American efficiency." As told in the summary of the seven-volume book series.
The Carnegie Endowment initially had three divisions: the Division of Economics and History to study the causes and impact of war, the Division of Intercourse and Education to promote international understanding and cooperation, and the Division of International Law to aid in the development of international law and dispute settlement.
Norman Dodd was the director of research for Congressman B. Carroll Reece, as part of the Reece Commission in 1954. He investigated tax exempt foundations. Congressman Reece asked Dodd, “Do you accept the premise that the United States is the victim of a conspiracy ?”  “Yes,” said Dodd.  “Then,” said Congressman Reece, “you must conduct the investigation on that basis.” 
Dodd sent his protégé Katherine Casey to review the “Minutes” of the Carnegie Endowment Foundation. Casey uncovered the plot to re-educate Americans so they would be compliant in the creation of a world government. The proof was found in the Minutes of their early meetings, and Dodd reported back to the Congress on the “un-American activities” of the foundation. 
Dodd defined un-American as “a determination to affect changes in the country by unconstitutional means.” 
Dodd stated that, “The foundation world is a coordinated, well-directed system, the purpose of which is to ensure that the wealth of our country shall be used to divorce it from the ideas which brought it into being.  The foundations are the biggest single influence in collectivism.”
Carnegie’s foundation was in control of the content of American education.  Their mission was clear. Congress knew, and yet it continued, business as usual for decades.
In 1954, Mr. Gaither of the Ford Foundation asked for a meeting and told Mr. Dodd, "Would you be interested in knowing what we do here at the Ford Foundation?" And, of course, Mr. Dodd says, "Yes! That’s exactly why I’m here. I would be very interested, sir." Then, without any prodding at all, Gaither says, "Mr. Dodd, we operate in response to directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the United  States so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

Dodd nearly fell off of his chair when he heard that. Dodd said to Gaither, "Well, sir, you can do anything you please with your grant making powers, but don’t you think you have an obligation to make a disclosure to the American people? You enjoy tax exemption, which is an indirect way of saying you are subsidized by the taxpayer, so, why don’t you tell the Congress and the American people what you just told me?" And Gaither replies, "We would never dream of doing such a thing."
Charlotte Iserbyt has warned us, over and over again, not only about the public school system, but of the charter school system as well. Another system guised as an alternative to public schools but which has the same agenda, controlled by the same institutions.
Now, see the “ CHRONOLOGICAL RECORD” (excerpted from The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Iserbyt)
1930s: Chamber of Commerce plans for UN, regional government, school vouchers, etc
1932: William Foster, Chairman of the United States Communist Party, has his book, Toward a Soviet America published. It calls for everything that has since been implemented in our nation's schools, including the establishment of the U.S. Dept. of Education
1934: Carnegie Corp. plans to change America's free economic system to socialism/ collectivism in the New Order. They pilot an 8-Year Study using Outcome-based Education
1942: Time Magazine publishes an article revealing plans for the Federal Council of Churches to implement world government.
1945: The United Nations is created by a majority of communists. Alger Hiss and his close friend, Canadian General and psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, made statements calling for using the schools (retraining the teachers) to get rid of the conscience (right and wrong)
1953: Congress set up the Congressional Investigation of Tax-exempt Foundations. Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation, tells Norman Dodd that foundations receive directions from White House in regards to using tax-exempt monies to change America so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.
1958: Eisenhower signs the first US-Soviet agreements.
1965: The Elementary and Secondary Education Act moved our pre-1960 excellent education system from academics to behavior modification and values destruction (beginning of OBE/ Skinner method)
1978: The US Department of Education was created.
1981: Due to the Chicago disaster in 1981 when one half of the Chicago inner city school children dropped out due to Benjamin Bloom's ten year mastery learning experiment on minorities, Spady et al changed the label to OBE. Thus, federal funding of OBE began in 1981. (D.I. is the new label for the failed mastery learning.) President Reagan implements public/private (corporate fascist) partnerships by creating the President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives.
1982: President Reagan scheduled to meet with the developer of major Skinnerian mastery learning program in the Bronx, N.Y
1984: The federally funded paper entitled "Shamanistic Rituals in Effective Schools" by sociologist Brian Rowan, Spady's closest associate was presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. It discusses conning inner city parents into believing their children are doing well by using "Effective School Research" (Pavlovian/ Skinnerian ML/DI: teach to the test and manipulation of demographic statistics, etc.) Washington Post article entitled "Industrial Policy Urged for GOP" was published May 14, 1984. This article explained involvement of leading Republicans in advocating Republicans shed some of their deep-rooted antipathy to a planned economy
1985: US-Soviet (Reagan-Gorbachev) and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements merged the two nations' education systems and set in motion a planned economy
80s and 90s: These were years of involvement of Secretaries of Education, Bell, Bennett and Alexander, and President George Bush, Sr. in America 2000. Clinton continued America 2000, implemented by Secretary Riley, under the new name, Goals 2000
1990s: Carnegie Corp.'s Marc Tucker, governors, corporations, etc. implemented Goals 2000 lifelong l learning out of UN and Soviet-style STW across country during nineties
2001: President George Bush, Jr., embraced by Senator Ted Kennedy, MA and Congressman George Miller, CA, call for passage of H.R. 1, S. 1, which completes a socialist takeover. This is the final nail in the coffin. Has anyone looked inside to see who is being buried?
The evidence of the manipulation of our educational system evokes emotions best left unsaid in a decent society. Congress continues to weaken the educational system day by day, while being paid with your tax dollars.  Here’s a brief overview of current legislative actions in various states;
Hawaii, Indiana, N. Carolina - drops cursive writing from mandatory curriculum.
Virginia – teach gun safety.
Tennessee – Sex education to add warning to “Gateway Sexual Activity”
Texas – opposes the teachings of higher order thinking skills because critical thinking may               challenge parental authority.
Texas – Republican Party Platform 2012 “Corporal punishment is effective and recommends “more authority” to teachers to use it.
As our schools head toward policing our children instead of educating them, and our educational options are being corrupted and controlled, its time for us to get rid of the “US Dept. of Education” and rid ourselves of the OBE Skinner method of education. It is time to get the federal government and state out of our educational system, and take control once again. Let’s save the next generation. 
(Lisa Cerda is a contributor to CityWatch, a community activist, Chair of Tarzana Residents Against Poorly Planned Development, VP of Community Rights Foundation of LA, Tarzana Property Owners Association board member, and former Tarzana Neighborhood Council board member.) –cw

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Vol 10 Issue 93
Pub: Nov 20, 2012

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