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Eric Garcetti Endorses Bonin

VENICE.PATCH - LA City 13 District Councilman and 2013 mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti is endorsing Mike Bonin for his run on the 2013 City Council.
"Los Angeles needs leaders who combine bold new ideas with practical experience,” Garcetti said in an official press release. “That's why I'm endorsing Mike Bonin to succeed Bill Rosendahl... Mike is bright, innovative, and he has a passion for public service. Whether the issue is job creation, building mass transit, or housing the homeless, Mike has proven that he has what it takes to lead and make a difference.
He has my full support because he is exactly the kind of leader we need to get LA moving in a new direction."  (Read the rest here) 
Vol 10 Issue 90
Pub: Nov 9, 2012

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