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Not Everyone Feels Rosy about LA Farmers Market Ordinance


LANDUSE WATCH - When the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Committee takes up a draft ordinance on Tuesday that would allow farmers markets throughout the city, committee members will see that the plan is not universally endorsed.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council voted last week to oppose the draft ordinance specifically because it would allow farmers markets in residential-zoned areas of the city. The South Valley neighborhood council does support farmers markets in other zones, however, with performance standards.

Studio City isn’t the first community to oppose the plan. Earlier this year, the Pacific Palisades Community Council voted to oppose the creation of a by-right permit process for farmers markets in residential zones. The ordinance has been revised since then and currently allows farmers markets in residential areas with Zoning Administrator’s approval following a public hearing.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council opposes the revised draft ordinance; no other neighborhood council has submitted a Community Impact Statement.

Info: City Clerk Council File. [link] Studio City NC Opposition. [link] Pacific Palisades CC Opposition. [link] LandUseLA back story.

(Chris Parker is the founding editor of landusela.com where this report was first posted.) –cw

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