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LA’s Grandstanding Controller Who Can't Do Math


MAILANDER MUSINGS - This is what scares me most about a Wendy Greuel candidacy for Mayor: the woman cannot do math. She can do publicity, yes, she can grandstand, yes--two big prerequisites for mayor--but she has a very hard time with math.

“LOS ANGELES – In light of recent reports about the FBI bribery probe within the Department of Building and Safety, today Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel called on the head of the City’s Personnel Department to explore seeking restitution from City employees in cases where an individual is found guilty of a job-related crime.

‘I am deeply troubled with recent reports of improper on-the-job related behavior by City employees in several departments, including the Department of Building and Safety,’ Greuel said. ‘While under investigation, some of these employees have been placed on administrative leave with pay. These investigations are often lengthy and the City winds up paying thousands of dollars for people who are found guilty of serious wrongdoing. I believe that during this time of severe budgetary constraints, it is crucial that we look at every opportunity to recover costs, where possible.’”

That's from her latest presser. Of course--if the clowns who may have ripped us off had enough money to pay us back ... they wouldn't have been working for the City in the first place. So what's the cost of suing the clowns for damages v. potential recovery?

Of course, no collection could possibly be made until all judgments and appeals are heard. Any idea on what that date might be?

It's not looking pretty for recovery prospects anytime soon. Which is why Wendy's phrase "I believe that during this time of severe budgetary constraints" reeks of hypocrisy and rankles so much.

In the short term, we'll only have to invest in attorneys to hope for payment later. I would even expect that  Wendy's proposal could cost the City more than it would rake in, ultimately--but over the next few years, certainly.

(Joseph Mailander is a writer and an observer. He blogs at street-hassle.blogspot.com where this column first appeared.) –cw

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Vol 9 Issue 48
Pub: June 17, 2011

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