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Action Alert: Public Hearings Begin on the Infamously Ineffective Baseline Mansionization Ordinance


PLANNING LA--The first step in the long awaited reform of the City’s infamously ineffective Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO) has arrived with a flurry of public outreach meetings beginning December 2, 2015. The dates and locations of these meetings – as well as important information about the proposed amendments – can be found on the NoMoreMcMansionsInLosAngeles.org website.    

The Planning Department is aiming for Council adoption of the amendments sometime late next summer, following a comment period, environmental analysis, more public comment, a staff report, and hearings before the City Planning Commission and the Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee.  

Shelley Wagers, who has spearheaded the fight against mansionization, discusses the pros and cons of the proposed amendments in a recent video interview for the Miracle Mile Residential Association’s MMRA Channel on YouTube. Wagers issues a call to arms to the opponents of McMansions to make their voices heard at these public hearings, “It’s very important for people who care about mansionization in their neighborhoods and on their blocks to hang together and hang tough.”    

This new video, “Amending the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance – A Conversation with Shelley Wagers,” recorded November 28, 2015, is a follow up to an earlier video interview with Wagers recorded last July: “Reforming the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance,” which details the history of the BMO and how the original ordinance was riddled with loopholes that failed to stem the tsunami of McMansions in Los Angeles.   


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(Shelley Wagers is a resident of Beverly Grove and a board member of the Beverly Wilshire Homes Association. Ken Hixon is a Vice President of the Miracle Mile Residential Association and the editor of the MMRA newsletter.)  





Vol 13 Issue 97

Pub: Dec 1, 2015

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