EASTSIDER-It is not a secret that the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) is broken. It is equally evident that something like 90 percent of their woes are self-inflicted wounds by Grayce Liu, the DONE staff and their assigned City Attorney. So, what should we do? 

FIRST PERSON-The public debate over assault weapons brings to mind the harrowing experience I had in my early twenties. I learned from experience that people do not know what they would do in an emergency situation…until they do it. 

GUEST WORDS--On January 3, 2018, Senator Scott Wiener, representing Senate District 11 (San Francisco and environs), introduced two statewide housing bills, Senate Bill 827 and Senate Bill 828.  SB 827 had two principal co-authors – Senator Nancy Skinner representing Senate District 9 (Contra Costa and Alameda counties along RTE 880, including Berkeley and Oakland) and Assembly Member Phil Ting, representing Assembly District 19 (San Francisco and Daly City).  Because SB 827, but not SB 828, acquired a co-author from Southern California, it was sent to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing. 

D.C. DISPATCH-Washington D.C. is a capital and an international city. It's common to hear people speaking different languages while walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, but in the past year, one might notice a disquieting change: an influx of Russians has invaded the Potomac. 

RANTZ AND RAVEZ-When I joined the LAPD in 1968, the world existed just fine without the Internet, electric cars, Amazon, Costco, the delivery of fast foods to your home or business and a host of other current conveniences that we can’t seem to live without. Today, here in LA, along with other major cities throughout the state and the nation, we face the challenges of high taxes, seven days-a-week gridlock, andincreasing numbers of homelesspeople in our neighborhoods, as well as many other obstacles. 

TRUMP MEETS THE RESISTANCE--The usually hyper-manicured Beverly Hills Park seemed oddly juxtaposed with the bohemian drum circle and a rowdy crowd of hundreds that gathered in the wake of President Trump's Los Angeles March 13 fundraiser. Unlike the smoky air rising from some corners of the event, their message was clear: Trump not welcomed here. With all the chanting, you would be forgiven for wondering if the messaging memo was prepared by Vitruvius – no, not the famous Roman who gave us perfect proportion theory, but the Lego Movie character voiced magically by Morgan Freeman who defended his prophecy thus: "... all this is true because it rhymes." 

ALPERN AT LARGE--I am NOT a fan of guns in the wrong hands (including poorly-trained teachers), and I am NOT a fan of weapons normally used for self-defense turned into weapons able to kill defenseless children.  

BELL VIEW-I became a liberal during the first Bush Administration. Everything about George H.W. Bush – as quaint as that now seems – appalled me. I disliked him, his upbringing, his ancestors, his wife, and his kids. I became enamored with Bill Clinton (and blind to his many faults) for the simple reason that he could beat Bush. When Bush’s frat-boy son ascended to the presidency, my loathing filled every molecule of my being. 

FIRST PERSON-Why is what might be the most effective way of dealing with epidemic levels of school gun violence never even considered? The all too predictable Left-Right polemics on the issue have ignored an otherwise obvious third way forsolving the school shooting insanity.

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