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  • Jack Humphreville

    Can We Afford the Mayor’s Water Conservation Mandate?

    LA WATCHDOG-Two weeks ago at an orchestrated press conference with the reflecting pool at our Department of Water and Power as a backdrop, Mayor Eric Garcetti, flanked by members of environmental community and City department heads, called on Angelenos to voluntarily reduce our use of drinking water by 20% by January 1, 2017. This would involve watering our lawns only two days a week; replacing our lawns with native landscaping; installing low flow toilets, showerheads, and appliances; and covering our pools. In addition to these conservation efforts, Garcetti also directed all City departments to be “water wise” by reducing their use of fresh drinking water, including Recreation and Parks, General Services, Public Works, Building and Safety, and the Bureau of Sanitation. For example, within 90 days, Recreation and Parks, DWP, and Sanitation have been ordered to present a plan where 85% of the water used to irrigate public golf courses will be recycled. 
  • Scarier Than Ebola: the Real Public Health Threat

    Jill Richardson
    OTHERWORDS-As airlines, cruise ships, and hospitals cope with waves of Ebola jitters, I’m wondering whether the panic the deadly virus is inducing will distort Halloween traditions this year. No, I’m not talking about Ebola-related costumes. There are real precautions we must take, but at this point the Ebola hysteria is overblown.
  • Ramon Cortines is Back in Charge … ‘There’s Hope Enough to Go Around’

    Scott Folsom
    LA SCHOOLS-Dashiell Hammett’s Thin Man had all the answers, the witty wife, the wire-haired fox terrier and the martinis. We are not so lucky; life’s easier when you don’t have kids. You walk into the room … With your pencil in your hand …You see somebody naked … And you say, "Who is that man?" You try so hard … But you don't understand … Just what you'll say …When you get home.
  • Are LA’s Walkable Neighborhoods and Bike Lanes Only for the Creative Class?

    Julian Agyeman and Stephen Zavestoski
    WHO WE ARE-The “Complete Streets” concept in urban planning and design has been hailed as nothing less than a revolution. “North America is on the verge of a new paradigm,” writes Mobility magazine. “At the forefront of the ‘street revolution’ is the concept of Complete Streets.” 
  • Bobby Shriver - Chamber Made

    Peter Dreier
    THE CAMPAIGN-Because Richard Nixon earned the reputation as "Tricky Dick" and was later associated with the Watergate scandal, many Americans mistakenly believe that Republicans have a monopoly on dirty tricks. They don't. Consider the latest flyer put out by Bobby Shriver, who is running for the LA County Board of Supervisors against fellow Democrat Sheila Kuehl. The flyer has a huge photo of Zev Yaroslavsky, the popular incumbent supervisor in District 3 who is retiring due to term limits. Above and below that photo, Shriver's campaign concocted this statement: "Who Shares His Values?" 
  • Candidate Kuehl: Did She Really Mean What She Said?

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-Covering the campaign to replace LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky should have been near the top of my agenda. Alas, my schedule has kept me away from home for several weeks during which time the candidates have ratcheted up the intensity. The last thoughts I shared about Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver go all the way back to the days immediately following the primary. They were positive thoughts.
  • The Most Racist Statement of All: Latinos Are Incapable of Following the Law

    Ken Alpern
    ALPERN AT LARGE-There are all sorts of racism that are tearing apart this city, county, state and nation--and it's just as untrue as it is unfair to proclaim that only part of the nation is racist. Racism is an equal-opportunity thing nowadays--there is plenty of it to go around--so if Angelenos in particular want to find out where racism abounds, they just might find they need to go no farther than the nearest mirror to find it. 
  • Insider Report: I Was a Psychologist at an Ebola Treatment Center in Liberia

    Theresa Jones as told to Helen Nianias
    HEALTH WATCH-Dr Theresa Jones, 26, a clinical psychologist from Bristol, has just spent a month working in Medecins Sans Frontieres’s Ebola treatment center in Monrovia, Liberia. She was already living in Liberia when the Ebola outbreak began. While working for MSF she managed a psychosocial team of three who were dedicated to looking after MSF’s team of national and international staff. We spoke to her about her typical day at the center. 

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  • A Revisionist Take on President Obama

    Richard Reeves
    TRUTHDIG-"Democrats Worry Obama Is Helping Their Rivals" was the headline over an article last Friday in the Los Angeles Times. I think that was the…
  • How Not to Teach Science, but in a Very Expensive Way

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-The latest buzz word is STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It's getting parroted by every manner of…
  • Follow the Checks Before Checking Off Your Ballot

    Sara Roos
    EDUCATION POLITICS-Remember when $1.9 million dollars was spent to (unsuccessfully) unseat school board member Steve Zimmer? Remember when triumphant…
  • El Cholo

    Kay Martin
    THIS IS PERSONAL-Pachuco refers to a particular old school subculture of Hispanic and Latino Americans associated with zoot suits, street gangs,…



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  • Pick-pocketing LA's Animal Welfare Trust

    Daniel Guss
    VOICES-LA Animal Services’ Animal Welfare Trust Fund (AWTF) was created to "enhance the quality of life" for its 4-legged residents by funding…
  • The Problem: Publishers Have to Protect Their Businesses

    Chad Brown
    VOICES- Re ‘What the Port of LA Won’t Tell You’ … You tell readers: “remember the courage of those who speak truth to power in journalism, they too…
  • Drought and Greedy Developers

    Michele Florman
    VOICES-Our neighborhoods are being repeatedly victimized and exploited by greedy developers (IMT, IVT,), lawyers, politicians , planning department…
  • Issues with ‘Safe to Rape in LA’ Article

    Robert Lamishaw
    VOICES-The report on ‘LA Police Making It Safer to Rape in Los Angeles’ highlights several points, that it may not have intended. First, the police…
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