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  • Jaime A. Regalado

    Can Gloria Molina Still Slay Giants?

    VOICES FROM THE SQUARE-Memories are short in Los Angeles, so many of us don’t know–or have forgotten–the history behind arguably the biggest story of this Southern California political season: Gloria Molina’s bid to achieve the rarest of campaign…
  • Bullish on the Golden State: Diversity has Calif Economy Roaring Back

    Gary Chazen
    CALIFORNIA BUSINESS-Reports of the death of California business appear to be not only premature but entirely wrong. And it’s certainly not happening at the hands of Texas, as has been commonly stated by business interests that hold up the Lone Star…
  • Playa Vista: Real Growth or Just Adding to the Barbell Economy?

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-The Playa Vista Tech campus is an example of an effective model for creating business activity. It acts as a magnet that attracts cutting edge firms in the industry. But will it create real growth, for both the city and the region? Can…
  • Wage Theft: A Los Angeles Story

    Vivian Rothstein
    WORKING POOR-My hairdresser requests payment in cash, and I know she may be avoiding the IRS or trying to hide her gross income for some other reason. I pay her what she charges plus a little extra for a tip. But it turns out that many LA workers…
  • LA 2020 and Voters Get the Bum’s Rush from Herb Wesson and the City Council

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-In the blink of an eye on Tuesday, January 20, our less than transparent City Council referred only six of the recommendations of Mickey Kantor’s LA 2020 Commission (photo) to various Council Committees for “further consideration”…
  • Too Educated to be Smart

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-It's a week in which the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland is now up to 67 confirmed cases. The origin was one unvaccinated woman who went to Disneyland in December and then took a plane ride. The confirmed cases now…
  • Measles, Medical Costs, and Malfeasance

    Dr. Ken Alpern
    THE DOCTOR IS IN-There's an old saying in the medical profession that comes up time and time again: "Everyone wants to be a doctor." Kind of like how "everyone's an expert". There really are experts whose expertise is based on their analysis of the…
  • State of the Union: Bright Ideas, Dim Future (Video)

    Bill Boyarsky
    TRUTHDIG-In his State of the Union speech Tuesday evening, President Barack Obama said “we turn the page.” But he didn’t say how we are supposed to proceed to the next page or the ones following it. (State of the Union video.) You can’t fault his…
  • Anniversary: Roe Should Be a Reality for All, Not Just a Wealthy Few

    Heidi Williamson
    42 YEARS LATER CRISIS CONTINUES-Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. The decision did not simply affirm a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, it ensured safe…




Neil deGrasse Tyson-American astrophysicist-Explains meaning of Life to 6 Year Old

Jessica Chastain-American actress-We must speak up

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  • Issue: Minority Recruitment Still Lacking at LAFD


    Date: Jan 23, 2015 

    More outreach is needed to increase the number of women and minority firefighters in the Los Angeles Fire Department, according to a report released Thursday by a Santa Monica-Based think tank. 

    Female athletes and recent military veterans belonging to a minority racial group, such as Hispanic, Asian and black, should be targeted for recruitment, Rand Corp. researchers recommended in the 150-page report. 

    Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered the $270,000 study from Rand last year in an effort to improve the city’s firefighter hiring process amid criticism that the LAFD’s recruitment tends to favor relatives of existing employees, resulting in less diversity. 

    The Rand report also suggests that city leaders increase the fire department’s budget for recruitment efforts, which are currently being carried out by four individuals. (Read more here.) 


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