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Ten Big Thank You’s for Thanksgiving 2015

Ken Alpern
WHO WE ARE--Paris. Ferguson. Syria. Baltimore. Libya. It seems like there's a lot to be fearful of and it's hard at times to ignore the domestic and foreign strife that forebodes both a bruising and divisive election year in 2016 ... and maybe even a world that is bent on World War III. But to be honest and thorough, we've got a lot to be thankful for: 1) For one thing, we've got an Internet that can unearth most of which charities are worth donating to...and which charities are not worth donating to. For example, the Salvation Army has incredibly low overhead and donates most of its proceeds to charity--the United Way, UNICEF, and the Red Cross...not so much. 2) Despite our agony and angst about "the left wing media" and "the right wing…

Action Alert! Angelenos Must Vote for the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

Dick Platkin
PLATKIN ON PLANNING--If you follow social media, like CityWatch or the mainstream media, like the LA Times, then you have probably heard of the recently proposed Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. If not, expect to hear a great deal about it, both pro and con, over the next year. Its sponsor is a new civic organization, the Coalition to Preserve LA, although many other citywide and neighborhood…

It’s the Law! California Pharmacists Can Prescribe Birth Control Pills

Beth Cone Kramer
HEALTH POLITICS--Within the next few months, SB-493, a California law passed in 2013, will go into effect across the state, allowing the state’s licensed pharmacists to prescribe birth control pills and other hormonal contraception directly to patients without a doctor visit. While access to birth control through the Affordable Care Act has been a heated topic, pharmacist-prescribed birth control…

Why is Everyone Pickin’ on Pickel?

Tony Butka
EASTSIDER-All of a sudden, there seems to be an entire spate of articles attacking the DWP Ratepayer Advocate, Fred Pickel. The theme seems to embrace a lot of trigger words like “weak,” “gutless,” “pawn of the industry,” “secret double agent,” “useless,” and so on. As readers of CityWatch should know, I am not a fan of the establishment, but I’m trying to understand: why this sudden criticism?…

Parking Madness

Richard Risemberg
JUST SAYIN’--One of the old standbys of the Car Cult zealots is the cry that we can’t put in bike lanes, or wider sidewalks, or Complete streets treatments, if they will remove so much as a single curbside parking spot for cars. Likewise, calls for denser development, especially if accompanied by reduced parking requirements, inspire the usual bug-eyed rage and teeth-baring barks of, “Where will…

California: Nationwide Leader in School Discipline Practices

Rebecca Klein
EDUCATION REFORM-A new study out Monday from UCLA's Civil Rights Project shows that districts in the Golden State sharply reduced the number of suspensions given to kids between 2011 and 2014. At the same time that suspension rates went down in many areas, academic achievement improved -- suggesting that the move away from harsh discipline practices benefitted schools. The study comes at a time…

Why Can’t We All Fight On Like USC Trojans?

Joe Mathews
CONNECTING CALIFORNIA--The University of Southern California football team is likely to lose to archrival UCLA this Thanksgiving weekend. But away from the gridiron, USC is on a decades-long winning streak that has become one of the most important stories in our state. Over the past generation, USC has transformed itself from an easily mocked regional school for rich kids (“University of Spoiled…

The Heat’s On: An LA Arts Festival Tackles Climate Change

Judith Lewis Mernit
ARTS POLITICS--Bad enough that the climate is changing and humans are causing it; worse, most of us don’t even want to talk about it. “Where are the books? The poems? The plays? The goddamn operas?” asked author and climate activist Bill McKibben a decade ago on Grist, comparing the climate crisis to the AIDS epidemic, which, McKibben noted, produced “a staggering outpouring of art that, in turn,…

Invite a Muslim to Thanksgiving Dinner

Al Sharpton
GUEST COMMENTARY-For the last 24 years of National Action Network's (NAN) existence, I have utilized Thanksgiving Day to serve and eat with the homeless and seniors at our headquarters in New York City. I chose to turn a day that I have serious problems with, given the history of what was done to Native Americans, into a day of family and community to show that we can extend ourselves beyond our…

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  • Please Don’t Pass the Plastic Salt and Pepper

    Christian Cristiano
    WELLNESS--A recent study by East China Normal University in Shanghai has proven that there are micro-particulates of plastic occurring in table salt…
  • New Drug for Alzheimer’s Fountain of Youth?

    Christian Cristiano
    WELLNESS-Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that starts slowly and gets worse over time and affects over 5 million Americans and 35 million…
  • Are We Poisoning Our Babies?

    Christian Cristiano
    WELLNESS--Most people think that if there is pollution in the air they need to protect their lungs. A new study has found that when it comes to…

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