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  • Andrés Martinez

    National Betrayal Can Be a Joke at the Oscars … Because We’re Living in a Golden Age of American Loyalty

    WHO WE ARE-When I was hired last year by Arizona State University, I faced the customary blizzard of new employee paperwork. You know the drill—those forms that ask you to select your health insurance plan, seek the details on where to deposit your…
  • Four Reasons Young Americans Should Burn Their Student Loan Papers

    Paul Buchheit
    A DIFFERENT WAR-'Hell No, We Won't Go' — 1967 … 'No Way, We Won't Pay' — 2015. Fifty years ago students burned their draft cards to protest an immoral war against the people of Vietnam. Today it's a different kind of war, immoral in another way,…
  • Net Neutrality: A Great American Civil Rights Victory

    Clinton Galloway
    CORRUPTION WATCH-Congratulations to the FCC. On Thursday the FCC approved the regulation of broadband Internet service under Title II. This simply means that broadband services that are provided by cable television and wireless telephone providers…
  • New Rule: Two wrongs Make an Even Bigger Wrong

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-The opponents to the charter amendments on Tuesday's ballot have a point, as they have repeatedly reminded me through emails and comments to CityWatch. The ballot measures would put elections for City Council and School Board seats…
  • Inside Eric Garcetti’s Head: Where He Really Stands on Charter Amendment 1

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-In the well attended 2013 Mayoral Candidate Forum at Cal State Northridge, former Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner asked Eric Garcetti whether he favored consolidating City elections with those of the State and Federal governments. Garcetti…
  • Sochi on Rails

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-Last week’s tragedy along an at-grade crossing in Oxnard adds to the growing list of accidents involving trains and motor vehicles. Fortunately, no one was killed in this latest one, but there were severe injuries. In almost all cases,…
  • Most Prosperous Companies GUILTY! … of Wage Theft

    Rosemary Jenkins
    JUST SAYIN’-According to Judeo-Christian Old Testament teachings, “You shall not withhold the wages of poor and needy laborers” or “Woe to him who makes his neighbors work for nothing.” Islam repeatedly enjoins us to look after all the orphans and…
  • Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Can’t Be Solved with Fancy Award Ceremonies

    Cara Caddoo
    SHOW BIZ POLITICS-The Oscars have once again renewed debates over Hollywood’s diversity problem. “Not surprising that an organization who’s 94% White & 77% Male doesn’t recognize diverse talent,” one critic tweeted before the ceremony, using the…
  • Misunderstanding the Millennials

    Joel Kotkin
    NEW GENERATION-The millennial generation has had much to endure – a still-poor job market, high housing prices and a generally sour political atmosphere. But perhaps the final indignity has been the tendency for Millennials to be spoken for by older…

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  • Issue: Could LA Parks Department Run the Greek Theatre?

    Emily Alpert Reyes and Catherine Saillant

    Date: Mar 3, 2015 

    Entertainment titans have battled for months over who should run Los Angeles' Greek Theatre.

    A city commission recommended Live Nation for the job, but the City Council disagreed with that pick. Neighborhood groups have pressed for longtime operator Nederlander to stay in charge of the Griffith Park venue alongside its new partner, AEG. 

    That debate has triggered legal threats, played a part in political campaigns and set off an avalanche of lobbying at City Hall. Now the saga could take an unexpected turn: Parks officials have suggested that the city could operate the theater. 

    Parks department officials are recommending that the city commission toss out its last request for proposals to run the Greek, as lawmakers had urged them to do. It could then redo the process -- or it could operate the Greek itself as an “open venue,” department officials said. 

    Running the Greek would let the city maintain control of the concert calendar, a department report says. Instead of a single promoter such as Live Nation running the venue, different promoters could confirm performers with the parks department on “a non-exclusive basis.”  (Read the rest.) 


Doggie tantrum. Wet and pissed!

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Bought the Farm


This term was used during World War 2 whenever a Allied Pilot would have to make a crash landing into a European farm/house. WW2 pilots who did this were actually charged for the damages they caused and actually in a sense: 
"bought the farm"