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Southern California Becoming Less Family-Friendly

Joel Kotkin
September 15, 2014
WHO WE ARE-The British Talmudic scholar Abraham Cohen noted that, throughout history, children were thought of as “a precious loan from God to be guarded with loving and fateful care.” Yet, increasingly and, particularly, here in Southern California, we are rejecting this loan, and abandoning our role as parents. This, of course, is a process seen around the high-income world, and even in some developing countries. But, here in America, some regions are moving in this post-familial direction faster than others, and, sadly, Southern California, for the most part, is leading the trend.  Read More...

More Sex, Less Murder

Odysseus Bostick
Sep 15, 2014
THE BOSTICK REPORT-There’s something I don’t get and perhaps you could enlighten me. Feel free to comment below this article with your input. Why are we, as a culture, so overly concerned with censoring sexuality in our media yet extraordinarily permissive when it comes to violence? It’s far easier to stumble upon some bad guy slapping somebody around, brandishing a weapon, or a “comedic” moment of violence than it is to even see a couple, fully dressed, in repose on a bed. Or sharing a tender kiss.  Read More...

School District Digs Themselves a Hole on Subway

Joel Epstein
Sep 15, 2014
BEVERLY HILLS … CITY OF NO?-Is this any way to run a railroad? Or a school board? Is this any way to treat the residents of Los Angeles County and the business community? I write regarding the Beverly Hills Unified School District’s improper use of voter-approved school construction bond funds to pay for attorneys fighting the extension of the Wilshire Boulevard subway. Over the past six months I have taken my concerns to the Los Angeles County Attorney, the California Attorney General and the Los Angeles County District Attorney. To date, all three offices have taken the French approach to work in August in addressing my concerns. Read More...

Budget Busting Police Contract

Jack Humphreville
Sep 15, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-The City and the Police Protective League, the union that represents the 10,000 sworn members of our Police Department, are at an impasse over salary negotiations. The PPL is asking for a 3 step, 8% raise over the next two years while the City is essentially offering no raises for the next two years. But the City is not able to afford this $100 million annual increase in salaries and pension contributions as the PPL’s proposal would increase next year’s budget from $165 million to $200 million. The projected three year cumulative deficit would balloon to $600 million, up from the current estimate of $425 million.  Read More...

Guest Commentary: Wright is Wrong, But So is the Application of the Law

Joel Fox
Sep 15, 2014
FOX AND HOUNDS-Sen. Roderick Wright should resign from office now that he has been convicted and sentenced for fraudulently claiming that he lived in his district – then he should appeal his conviction. I can’t say that he has legal grounds for an appeal on the facts of the case but common sense, often lost when laws are prosecuted, puts a huge asterisk next to Wright’s conviction.  Read More...

YoYo: Do it Yourself Policing in the City of the Angels

Bob Gelfand
Sep 15, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-It was about 5 p.m. as I entered a local supermarket parking lot. A man was shouting insanely. When I came out of the market about half an hour later, he was still shouting, only more loudly and abusively. I discovered that the shouter was a man sitting in a car near the parking lot entrance. He would look out his window and scream in some incomprehensible way about various dangers and about who was involved in some plot. He seemed seriously deranged. There were a few young people who worked for the market standing next to the front door, and they explained that they had already called the police 20 or 30 minutes earlier. No police came. Welcome to the era of do it yourself policing. Read More...

Confusing Prop 46: Could Provide Disastrous Consequences

Rosemary Jenkins
Sep 15, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Over the last few weeks, I have addressed a number of legislative issues. Today’s column is devoted to clarifying a somewhat bewildering Proposition 46. This proposition covers several different matters (it undoubtedly would have been far preferable to separate some of these issues into different bills in keeping with “California’s love for legislating by initiative”). Its authors are certainly well-intentioned but when we get below the surface and parse the details, its passage would produce immediate unintended and deleterious consequences! Read More...

President Obama, Meet President Bush

Ken Alpern
Sep 15, 2014
POLITICS-After years of battling President George W. Bush, the memory of President George W. Bush, the policies of President George W. Bush, and the party of President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama must now face his greatest opponent ever: the lessons learned by President George W. Bush. Perhaps it's not remembered how former President George W. Bush, and once presidential candidate George W. Bush, despised the idea of foreign nation building. After all, nation building is an expensive effort and one that goes against so many traditional American principles that's it's hard to ever justify. Read More...

Why Do Dems Keep Trying to Ban Guns That Look Scary, Instead the Guns That Kill the Most People?

Lois Beckett
Sep 15, 2014
GUN POLITICS-Over the past two decades, the majority of Americans in a country deeply divided over gun control have coalesced behind a single proposition: The sale of assault weapons should be banned. That idea was one of the pillars of the Obama administration’s plan to curb gun violence, and it remains popular with the public. In a poll last December, 59 percent of likely voters said they favor a ban.  Read More...

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Leonard Cohen-Songwriter … Almost Like the Blues

Eli Broad-American Philanthropist – I don’t take no for an answer solarWebAd300x250v2gk-is-1016.jpglink know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

A Better Use of ‘Community Service’ Time or How Alarcon and Wright Could Help Neighborhood Councils

Greg Nelson
Sep 15, 2014
CONSIDER THIS-Former state legislator Rod Wright got sentenced to, among other things, a boatload of community service time hours. It looks like… Read More...

Non-Stop Pandering at the NAACP … Now It’s the Internet

Clinton Galloway
Sep 15, 2014
CORRUPTION FILE-After the Donald Sterling/NAACP fiasco I thought that the organization couldn’t get any lower than to give awards to a blatant… Read More...

A 3-Foot Berth for Cyclists … So, What’s The Problem?

Sara Roos
Sep 15, 2014
WE ARE THEY-What could possibly be controversial about giving a 3 foot berth to bicyclists? At the very least, the new law protects even the motorist… Read More...

MetroRail is Coming to LAX and the Westside … Time to Focus on Station Design

Ken Alpern
Sep 15, 2014
GETTING THERE FROM HERE-After talking, listening, debating and arguing about how best to get the expanding MetroRail system to LAX, the Westside and… Read More...

Neighborhood Councils: Does City Hall Have Too Much Control?

Denyse Selesnick
Sep 11, 2014
NC WATCH-Our Senate and House of Representatives talk frequently about the “Founding Fathers”. Some of them love to express what the Founding Fathers… READ MORE...

Corporate Welfare & Tesla

Greg Nelson
Sep 11, 2014
CONSIDER THIS-Nevada outbid California for Tesla’s new battery plant, and the cost was high. I’m guessing that, as is the case with proposals to… READ MORE...

Minimum Wage, Maximum Misinformation

Paul Hatfield
Sep 11, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-Most people I know, including many in the Neighborhood Council system, would support an increase to the minimum wage. But $13.25 or… READ MORE...

Obama is Right: ISIS is Not Islamic. Here’s Why

Igor Volsky and Jack Jenkins
Sep 11, 2014
THE WAR ON TERROR-Conservatives reacted harshly to President Obama’s claim on Wednesday night that the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS)… READ MORE...



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John Deasy Looks Good on Paper … But the Paper is Suspect

Scott Folsom
Sep 15, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-A 4LAKids reader emailed me last week, as the revelation that Superintendent Deasy had ‘lawyered up” and was calling for investigations of the Board of Ed’s emails with technology vendors broke. He suggested the line: “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud hatch out” from… READ MORE...

A Response to Elie Wiesel

Sara Roy
Sep 11, 2014
Mr. Wiesel, VOICES- Mr. Wiesel … I read your statement about Palestinians, which appeared in The New York Times on August 4th. I cannot help feeling that your attack against Hamas and stunning accusations of child sacrifice are really an attack, carefully veiled but unmistakable, against all… READ MORE...

Silver Lake: Where’s the Love?

Carol Knapp
Sep 08, 2014
VIEW FROM AFAR- In 2013 I decided to move from Silver Lake, California to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There were many reasons for my decision, not the least of which was the atmosphere of mind-controlled conformity that emanated from the NC system. Don't get me wrong: there were things about Silver… READ MORE...

Minimum Wage Issue is Complicated

Bernard Parks
Sep 08, 2014
PARK’S PLACE-As you may have heard, on Labor Day, Mayor Eric Garcetti introduced his proposal to increase the minimum wage in LA to $13.25 by the year 2017 (increasing to $10.25 in 2015, $11.75 in 2016). Seattle, San Francisco, Hawaii, Maryland and others have approved (for San Francisco, voters… READ MORE...
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Griffith Park Sycamore Tree Protest: 100-Plus, Lawsuit Announced

Kristin Sabo
Sep 15, 2014
SAVING GRIFFITH PARK-More than one hundred tree lovers came to the Friends of Griffith Park'sHeritage Sycamore event on Saturday. Friends board member Gerry Hans announced that Friends along with the Griffith J. Griffith Trust will indeed be filing a lawsuit on the Crystal Springs Little League… READ MORE...

The McMansion Fight: Soon a Neighborhood of Kleenex Boxes

Peter Merlin
Sep 08, 2014
CARTHAY SQUARE-As I stood across the street from the two-story framed box being built on my block and raised a camera to record its enormous size, a young carpenter swung down off the second story and ran towards me, his hammer still in his hand. “Why are you taking pictures,” he demanded.… READ MORE...

Windsor Village Loses Appeal on Large Scale Lucerne Blvd Project

Julie Grist
Sep 04, 2014
LARCHMONT BUZZ-About five dozen people showed up at City Hall on Tuesday August 26 to make their voices heard regarding the approved 32 unit condominium “Morumbila” development planned for two lots on South Lucerne Blvd, just south of the Ebell of Los Angeles in Windsor Village. But after four… READ MORE...

CD4 Race: The Candidates Take on Traffic

Hayley Fox, Colin Stutz and Ryan White
Sep 01, 2014
LOS FELIZ LEDGER-With the Los Angeles City Council District 4 election just six months away, the Ledger will look closely each month until the March 2015 election on where the candidates stand on some key issues, like Los Angeles Police Dept. raises, homelessness, crime and the state of the Los… READ MORE...

(Video) Black Actress in Hollywood Handcuffed for Kissing Her White Husband in Public. You Call This Progress?

Syreeta McFadden
Sep 15, 2014
WHO WE ARE-Is there no place to be carefree and safe, both black and a woman in America? Late last week, Danièle Watts – best known for her role in… READ MORE...

A Tale of Three School Boards

Betty Pleasant
Sep 15, 2014
SOULVINE UNCHAINED-The community came full circle last weekend when it packed Washington High School’s auditorium to install George McKenna as its… READ MORE...

The Palin Family’s Side of the Anchorage Brawl Story

Scott Conroy
Sep 15, 2014
GOSSIP WATCH-It’s a tale as old as time: A former vice-presidential nominee and her family roll up to an alcohol-soaked party in a stretch Hummer… READ MORE...

Witness Video Surfaces: Shows Dangers of Forum Traffic at MTV VMA Awards

Randall Fleming
Sep 15, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-Inglewood's Mayor, James T. Butts, appears to have made a deal with Madison Square Garden (MSG) to deactivate the red light traffic… READ MORE...


Citywide Sidewalk Repair Plan: Details Please, Mr. Krekorian

Jack Humphreville
Sep 11, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-Councilman Paul Krekorian (photo) has asked the Neighborhood Councils to submit a Community Impact Statements in support of the his… READ MORE...

Missing from California’s Economic Comeback: Los Angeles

Chris Reed
Sep 11, 2014
CALIFORNIA-Gov. Jerry Brown’s daily push to depict California as being in a sharp rebound from the 2007-2009 economic meltdown ignores the fact that… READ MORE...

Warning: Leaf Blowers are Hazardous to Your Health

Sarah Anderson
Sep 11, 2014
THE LEAF BLOWER DIVIDE-When new neighbors moved in next door, I didn’t hold off long before broaching the Big Question. Even though we live in… READ MORE...

Saturday, Crystal Springs at the 200-Year-Old Sycamore Tree, 10 a.m.

Ron Kaye
Sep 11, 2014
WHO WE ARE-What God hath created let no man – except Tom LaBonge – destroy. For a man who so loquaciously vouches for his love of LA and especially… READ MORE...

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Kissing Crime: Actress Daniele Watts handcuffed for kissing husband

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