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  • Juan Cole

    In the New Gilded Age, Social Protest Dominates Academy Awards Ceremony

    WHO WE ARE-If social and economic inequality were a mine, and if America were deep in this mine with a canary in tow, the canary would long since have expired. Some 400 billionaires have more wealth than the bottom half of Americans. We lived…
  • LA: Are the Country’s Richest City Council Members Under Worked?

    Denyse Selesnick
    MY TURN-Now that we have learned our elected City officials are the highest paid in the country it is time to evaluate if we are getting our money’s worth. I realize that there are many Angelenos who feel that they never get their money’s worth, but…
  • DWP: Candidates Favorite Whipping Boy

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-Ratepayers and voters love to hate our Department of Water and Power. While DWP has done a very good job of keeping our lights on and the water flowing, often under extreme conditions, it has not been able to escape from City Hall’s long…
  • I’ve Never Been in a War Zone … and Other Provocative Musings

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-I've never been in a war zone. I've had guns pointed at me a couple or three times (one was at a range and fairly unintentional -- the others not), but I've never taken a ride in a helicopter or had enemy troops shooting at me.…
  • Time to End Board of Ed’s Naiveté

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-I only hope the members of the LAUSD Board of Education do not receive e-mails from Nigeria which offer “risk-free” financial opportunities. If that occurs, the school system will be bankrupt in short order. You see, the current Board…
  • Neighborhood Councils Could Drive this Crazy Train … IF They Wanted To

    Greg Nelson
    THE CITY-It looks like another election season will come and go while the neighborhood councils remain essentially spectators. But it doesn’t have to be that way. During the design of the neighborhood council system, the drafters hoped that the…
  • Will the Bicycle Revolution Save LA’s Jammed Up Westside?

    Joel Epstein
    TRANSIT TALK-On Friday I attended a great panel discussion about bicycle mobility on LA's Westside. The event, hosted by the Westside Urban Forum (WUF) explored how the Westside may be poised for a bicycle revolution, stoked by the updating of…
  • Labor Unrest at LA’s Ports: Maybe There is Only One Side to the Debate

    James Preston Allen
    AT LENGTH-After nine months of negotiations between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association (the shipping and terminal operators), the crisis of congestion at West Coast ports has finally come to the…
  • Daring Greatly

    Scott Folsom
    LA’S SCHOOLS AND OTHER MUSINGS-‘It’s not the critic who counts; the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again; who knows great enthusiasms; who spends himself in a worthy…

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  • Issue: Proposed California Bicycle Helmet Law

    Melanie Curry

    Date: Feb 24, 2015 

    The proposed California-wide bicycle helmet law has stirred up a passionate debate on blogs and bike club lists as well as in the media. Unfortunately, many discussions have degraded quickly into name-calling and personal insults–like the oh-so-droll “hard-headed bicyclists” headline several media outlets thought was so clever. Many people also expressed off-the-point misunderstandings of objections to the proposal, and questionable statistics have been endlessly repeated. 

    But there’s no need to settle the question of whether, in total, a helmet law will make bicycling safer. 

    What’s at issue is whether it’s a wise idea for the state to pass a law that would require every bicycle rider to wear a helmet.

    (Read the rest … including a thought experiment … here.)  


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Bought the Farm


This term was used during World War 2 whenever a Allied Pilot would have to make a crash landing into a European farm/house. WW2 pilots who did this were actually charged for the damages they caused and actually in a sense: 
"bought the farm"