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Paul Koretz: Abuse of Power

Jack Humphreville
September 29, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-In January of 2013, the Superior Court ruled that the Los Angeles City Council “abused its discretion” when it overruled the Central Los Angeles Area Planning Commission’s denial of a zoning variance for a third residential unit on a 7,200 square foot corner lot at 1102 Stearns Drive in the mid-Wilshire area of the City. In January of 2008, the Housing Department cited the owners for their illegal third dwelling unit. A year and a half later, in June of 2009, the owners applied for a variance from the City’s Planning Department. However, in May of 2011, almost two years later, the Zoning Administrator denied the variance. The owners’ appeal to the Area Planning Commission (“APC”) was also denied in late August, 2011.  Read More...

Why Do Burger King and Walgreens Want to Flee the U.S.?

Andrés Martinez
Sep 29, 2014
TRADE WINDS-The Obama administration is not living up to its promise to move the country away from an arrogant, unilateral approach to the world. And it has not embraced a more consensus-driven, multipolar vision that reflects the fact that America is not the sole player in the global sandbox. Read More...

Beverly Hills Finds New Reason to Fight Subway to the Sea: Fear of ISIS Attack

Peter Z. Scheer
Sep 29, 2014
TRUTHDIG-The city with the most famous ZIP code in the world has spent years and millions of dollars trying to block a public subway expansion through its gilded gates, but its reasoning has slipped into the absurd. Various public officials and even the local newspaper are claiming that the Islamic State—yes, that Islamic State—might not be able to resist such a target.  Read More...

Bernie Parks Making the Case: I Worked More Closely with Criminals in My Council Job Than at My Chief Gig

Bernard Parks
Sep 29, 2014
PARKS PLACE-What a weekend! NASCAR ... football ... time with the grand kids... Then, my phone started ringing. Over the blare of the TV and the type of noise that only my two granddaughters can create, I was barely able to make out what the caller was trying to tell me. It was something about some LA Times story about somebody who's become a diminished figure in the view of both critics and some admirers. Read More...

Who to Dislike More: The Supporters of Ballot Propositions, or Those Who Oppose Them?

Bob Gelfand
Sep 29, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-I don't know who to distrust more, the people who write ballot propositions, or the people who write the ads opposing them. Both sides seem to be good at lying to us, although they lie in different ways. Many of our ballot propositions are special interest pleading, designed to give some advantage to the oil companies or the insurance companies. Others are just flat out unconstitutional. And when a decent proposition makes it to the ballot, the special interests gang up on it ferociously.  Read More...

Paging Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey … Inmates Running the Asylum at Central Basin Water District

Brian Hews`
Sep 29, 2014
GUEST EDITORIAL-I was at the meeting last Wednesday at Central Basin where the “Roybal Three”(I am going to call them the Three Bozos now) namely James “Teacher Jail” Roybal, Leticia “Qui Tam” Vasquez (photo), and Bob “Tag Team” Apodaca basically said to their constituents that we don’t care about you, we don’t care about the agency or its employees, all we care about is money and power, if anyone gets in our way we will throw your life into chaos, if we can’t get that, we will close the agency down. That got me thinking.  Read More...

Eric Holder: Like George Wallace and Huey Long, a Thug Who Hurt the Cause of Civil Rights

Ken Alpern
Sep 29, 2014
ALPERN AT LARGE-Whether or not one voted for President Obama in 2008 or 2012, his election and re-election was supposed to harbor an improvement in race relations in this nation. Unfortunately, his choice of Eric Holder for Attorney General (and, by extension, his close friendship with Holder) calls into question whether Washington and the Justice Department is focused on uniting the nation ... or just to exact REVENGE. Read More...

Bulletin for the Naïve: Slavery is Alive and Well in 2014

Rosemary Jenkins
Sep 29, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-I think many of us have been under the misguided or mistaken impression that slavery ended with Emancipation and the 13th Amendment. How naïve we have been and, perhaps, still are.  Read More...

Thank You, Mr. November

Paul Hatfield
Sep 29, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-The moment is still etched in my memory. The Yankees trailed Arizona by one game going into game 4, and it looked as if they would be down by two. It was only through gutsy pitching in game 3 that prevented the Bombers from reaching the brink of elimination in the 2001 World Series.  Read More...

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James Brown-CBS sports host-domestic violence bigger than football

Emma Watson-Actor, activist-Moving speech at UN know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink




When Patrimony Trumps Political Preference

Joel Kotkin and Rory Cohen
Sep 29, 2014
POLITICS-Jews, despite their above-average affluence and their entrepreneurial bent, have long been among the most loyal constituencies of the… Read More...

LA Neighborhood Congress: Could Have Been So Much More … or Not

Denyse Selesnick
Sep 29, 2014
NC WATCH-There are two ways of my describing this year’s LA Neighborhood Congress: One is from a Journalist’s point of view; and the other from an… Read More...

Being Done with John Deasy … Don’t Get Distracted

Scott Folsom
Sep 29, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-A 4LAKids reader wrote me last week with some new/some other horror ongoing in the District, trying to get me engaged …to see if… Read More...

LA’s Lady Has a Birthday - Queen Mary Turns 80

Kay Martin
Sep 29, 2014
FIRST PERSON-The word “posh” derives from the custom of royalty and nobility sailing from/to Southampton, England residing in different staterooms -… Read More...

Garcetti, City Council: Best Advertisement for the Move to Texas

Jack Humphreville
Sep 25, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-On Wednesday, the Herb Wesson led City Council approved the Citywide Hotel Minimum Wage Ordinance without considering the impact on the… READ MORE...

Attention LA Board of Education: More Nails for Deasy Coffin

Ellen Lubic and Diane DeBoer
Sep 25, 2014
LA SCHOOLS-As the LAUSD Board of Education nears the target date for renewing the contract of Superintendent John Deasy, there are many things they… READ MORE...

Don’t Think They Only Go After the Bad Guys

Ron Kaye
Sep 25, 2014
WHO WE ARE-As the sun was rising over the San Gabriel Valley one morning in early June of 2012, District Attorney investigators with the Public… READ MORE...

An Idea that Could Help the DWP Recover Some of the Lost Love

Howard Cohen
Sep 25, 2014
GUEST WORDS-The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, arguably the most reviled public utility in the nation, evokes anger and frustration among… READ MORE...



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Urgent Memo to the LA School Board

Ellen Lubic
Sep 29, 2014
VOICES-LAUSD Board members, I am sending you all two items to review. First is an article from which expands on the Deasy fiasco with iPads, and on his many other failures as LAUSD Superintendent. LAUSD has become the laughing stock of the country under his mismanagement. The Broad… READ MORE...

City Hall Insiders: ‘Mayor Furiously Lobbying’ to Bring Down Historic Bartlett House

Ziggy Kruse
Sep 29, 2014
VOICES-In a blatant case of political payback for a well-connected campaign donor, the Mayor’s office is exerting intense pressure at City Hall in an effort to facilitate the demolition of a landmark Los Feliz home, one of the two remaining single family residences by A. C. Martin Sr, the same… READ MORE...

Sick and Injured Animals Still Dumped at Closed 11th Street Shelter

Daniel Guss
Sep 25, 2014
VOICES-Despite our pleas to let the community know that the old SLA animal shelter on 11th Street is closed, the city has done nothing to prevent the tragedy of animal abandonment there. I just received this email below regarding a litter of kittens abandoned there this morning as well as a dog so… READ MORE...

Divide Between Homeowners and Renters is Growing

Tim Logan
Sep 25, 2014
VOICES-For homeowners in Southern California, the housing recovery has been pretty kind. For renters, not so much. New figures highlight the growing gap between owners and renters in the Southland: Many homeowners are capitalizing on low interest rates to push down their monthly payment while… READ MORE...
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What’s Next for Drought Struck Calif: Water Rationing, Drought Numbers

Steve Scauzillo
Sep 29, 2014
SAN GABRIEL VALLEY-You probably know your Social Security number, your driver’s license number and perhaps the latest wrinkle in mattress marketing, your sleep number. But do you know your drought number? The latter represents the amount of water you are allowed to use per day. If you don’t know… READ MORE...

Nazarian Facing Questions on Running for Two Offices

Rick Orlov
Sep 22, 2014
DAILY NEWS-Is Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian looking to pull off what Councilman Bob Blumenfield was able to do last year? As in, run for his state office in this November’s election and then turn around and run for a City Council seat in 2015. Nazarian says he is only interested in winning his… READ MORE...

South LA Community Launches Plan to End Youth Homelessness

Janet Kelly
Sep 18, 2014
SOUTH LA-The South Los Angeles Homeless TAY and Foster Care Collaborative (Collaborative) will launch a “Homeless No More Community Plan”, a blueprint that will outline 6 strategic goals with action steps to develop a system of care in South LA for homeless youth at a community briefing session, on… READ MORE...

Griffith Park Sycamore Tree Protest: 100-Plus, Lawsuit Announced

Kristin Sabo
Sep 15, 2014
SAVING GRIFFITH PARK-More than one hundred tree lovers came to the Friends of Griffith Park'sHeritage Sycamore event on Saturday. Friends board member Gerry Hans announced that Friends along with the Griffith J. Griffith Trust will indeed be filing a lawsuit on the Crystal Springs Little League… READ MORE...

If California’s Kamala Harris Becomes US AG … Here’s a Likely Replacement

Joel Fox
Sep 29, 2014
POLITICS-California Attorney General Kamala Harris has been mentioned as a possible replacement for retiring United States Attorney General Eric… READ MORE...

The New Welfare-Billionaires Only Need Apply

Clinton Galloway
Sep 29, 2014
CORRUPTION WATCH-The City of Los Angeles has given hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to major real estate developers to build high-rise… READ MORE...

‘Not That Kind of Girl’: Lena Dunham Tells All … But That's Not Enough

Jessica Valenti
Sep 29, 2014
BOOKS-In the first season of HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, tells her friend Marnie, “Any mean thing someone is going to think of to… READ MORE...

Inglewood Mayor Using City Employees for Personal Political Campaign

Randall Fleming
Sep 29, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-Inglewood mayor James T. Butts took the time to appear at the Inglewood 5th Avenue Block Club annual party on Saturday, September… READ MORE...


World Leaders ‘Moved to Tears’ by Climate Change Poem at U.N. Summit (Video)

Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Sep 25, 2014
ONE PERSON, MAKING A DIFFERENCE-Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, a 26-year-old poet from the Marshall Islands, wrote a lyrical letter to her daughter about a… READ MORE...

This War is about Oil … Which is Strange Considering All of the Untapped Oil in the U.S.

Kay Martin
Sep 25, 2014
LEANING RIGHT-Tuesday night over 200 air strikes into Syria are estimated to have killed 50 Khorasan thugs in Syria and it is just a “start.”… READ MORE...

Central Basin Water District GM Perez ‘Waterboarded’ by Roybal Three

Brian Hews
Sep 25, 2014
HMG EXPOSE-Chaos has officially broke out at the dysfunctional Central Basin Water District as multiple Board meetings have been scheduled,… READ MORE...

Holder’s Investigation into ‘Possible Law Enforcement Bias’ Needs to Include Los Angeles

Betty Pleasant
Sep 25, 2014
SOULVINE- Justice for us? Attorney General Eric Holder, head of the U.S. Department of Justice, announced this week a new and overdue national… READ MORE...

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