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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Where Were the Unions in Ferguson, Missouri?

Carl Finamore
August 18, 2014
WHO WE ARE-The weakness of organized labor is often attributed to its low numbers and they are low for sure. For example, AFL-CIO membership remained stagnant this year at 12.5 million even with the whopping addition last year of 1.3 million UFCW food and commercial workers. Nonetheless, I believe the falling numbers are more a reflection than an explanation of labor’s decline. Therefore, I do not agree with the prevailing opinion that spending more money on organizing will turn everything around.  Read More...

Lactose-free Politics

James O’Sullivan
Aug 18, 2014
THE CITY-LA infrastructure notebook: July 2014: Sunset Blvd. water main rupture floods UCLA … Sept. 2009: Coldwater Canyon water main rupture floods Ventura Blvd … The city replaces water mains once every 315 years … 42% of Los Angeles’ 10,750 miles of sidewalks are in disrepair … LA pays $3 million to $5 million a year for sidewalk injury claim … 33% of the streets in the city have a score of D or worse … Estimated cost of repairing these streets: $4 billion.  Read More...

The Case for Boots on the Ground

Odysseus Bostick
Aug 18, 2014
THE BOSTICK REPORT-I remember walking through the streets of Austin, TX on the night of March 19, 2003. President Bush had just finished addressing the nation about the next day’s invasion of Iraq, roughly six months after Congress had authorized such a thing.  Read More...

Admit it: We're Careening Towards WW III

Ken Alpern
Aug 18, 2014
WORLD AT WAR-The last time we were in a Great Depression, we were understandably preoccupied and absorbed in our own economic and domestic affairs. And, like the 1930's, we were and are sick and tired of the horrors of war, and of the savageries of the outside world--both the nightmares of World War I, and the nightmares of Iraq/Afghanistan, were and are just too fresh in our memories for us to care about the new nightmares occurring abroad.  Read More...

LA: America’s Most Hostile Work Environment?

Jack Humphreville
Aug 18, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-In January, the LA 2020 Commission’s report, A Time for Truth, pointed out that the City of Los Angeles had 10% fewer jobs than two decades ago despite a 30% increase in its population. We also have one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country with almost 20% of our residents living in poverty.  Read More...

The Great Interest Rate Scam: Your Bank Wants to Limit What You Get Paid

Clinton Galloway
Aug 18, 2014
CONSUMERS BEWARE-The federal government has embarked upon a plan to limit the interest rates that are paid by banks. While the government calls this program an economic stimulus program, the fact is the only groups that it stimulates are the banks and the wealthy. Why can't the government stimulate the economy by providing a livable minimum wage for those who work every day?  Read More...

Ceding Independence to IBEW’s D’Arcy

Paul Hatfield
Aug 18, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-The Los Angeles City Council’s plan to resolve its dispute over auditing the controversial non-profit trusts gives away the most important element of accountability – independence. The foundation of good government and good management is a system of checks and balances. Read More...

The Controversial but Critical California Water Bond: What You Need to Know

Rosemary Jenkins
Aug 18, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Each year that we ignore the reality of global warming is another year we get closer to extinction. I am not usually such a pessimist, but I have come almost to the point of conceding that the world is naïvely hurling itself to its ultimate obliteration with an indifference that is mind-boggling!  Read More...

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What Whistleblower Kathleen Carroll Believes

What The New Populists Believe know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

Neighborhood Councils: City Commission Tries Again to Tell Us How to Behave

Bob Gelfand
Aug 18, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) is about to consider its latest version of a code of conduct for neighborhood council… Read More...

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Denyse Selesnick
Aug 18, 2014
NC LAND-In its infinite wisdom, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission has floated the idea of paying people to vote. I find this idea awful on so many… Read More...

The People Designing Your City Don't Care What You Want

Joel Kotkin
Aug 18, 2014
CITY PLANNING POLITICS-What is a city for? It’s a crucial question, but one rarely asked by the pundits and developers who dominate the debate over… Read More...

LA’s Schools: When Is Accountability Good For The Gander?

Sara Roos
Aug 18, 2014
THE BUCK NEVER STOPPED-This past week, the first back in school for LAUSD kids, has seen an absolutely ridiculous mess due to MiSiS, the… Read More...

Experiencing Robin Williams During the Golden Age of Comedy (That Almost Nobody Knew About)

Bob Gelfand
Aug 14, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-There once was a golden age of standup comedy, and it was the 1970s. Some people like to talk about New York and its club called… READ MORE...

Marijuana Won’t be Legal Until the Cops Stop Making Millions Off Weed Arrests

Sadhbh Walshe
Aug 14, 2014
THE COSTLY WAR ON DRUGS-Marijuana arrests now account for 52% of all drug arrests in the US – and 88% of them are for simple possession, like the… READ MORE...

Exposed: LAX is Cooking Its Books

Marshall McClain
Aug 14, 2014
GUEST COMMENTARY-LAX is cooking its books. The City of Los Angeles is pulling the strings. And, the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S.… READ MORE...

In America, Second Amendment Only Applies to White People

Keith Boykin
Aug 14, 2014
WHO WE ARE-After learning that Los Angeles police shot and killed Ezell Ford Monday night, I spent a good deal of time Tuesday night and Wednesday… READ MORE...



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Alert: Critical Forum on Aliso Canyon Oil Drilling

Kelly Hill
Aug 18, 2014
PORTER RANCH-Termo oil company is trying to get approval to drill 12 new oil wells in Aliso Canyon, right in the backyard of Porter Ranch and Chatsworth. In addition to many homes, there are several schools in the immediate area. We are very concerned about the potential negative effects of oil… READ MORE...

Dive Bar Owner Set to Open Restaurant

Aug 14, 2014
ECHO PARK — The folks who renovated and reopened Little Joy, the one-time Sunset Boulevard dive bar, two years ago are now in the process of opening a new bar and restaurant on Echo Park Avenue in the former home of Allumette. The Holloway, which shares the name of a former Echo Park dive bar that… READ MORE...

City Attorney Cracks Down on Illegal Tobacco Sales

Edwin Folven
Jul 31, 2014
MID CITY-Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has suspended tobacco sales at 14 retailers for 30 days as part of his attempt to crack down on establishments selling tobacco products to minors. In the local area, the licenses to sell tobacco were suspended at the Beverly 76 gas station at 4700… READ MORE...

NC Looking for Parking Lots for Homeless Sleepers

Aaron Blevins
Jul 21, 2014
HOLLYWOOD-The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committee on Monday discussed the possibility of identifying parking lots that homeless individuals could use to sleep in their cars. Erik Sanjurjo, (photo) who chairs the committee, said the council is simply… READ MORE...

Guest Editorial: LA Should Prioritize Citywide Sidewalk Repair

Los Angeles Register
Jul 21, 2014
CITYWIDE-Contrary to what Angelenos have grown accustomed to, deep fractures and deterioration are not typical characteristics of sidewalks. Sidewalks are actually supposed to be usable and walking on them should not result in injury. Yet, the city estimates that about 40 percent of its sidewalks… READ MORE...

Drought Buster Patrols Streets of LA

Dana Bartholomew
Jul 17, 2014
CITYWIDE-A day after state water regulators voted to get tougher on water restrictions, the Los Angeles water police Wednesday were out in force — with a full-time water cop of one. But until he gets three more water enforcement deputies next month, Rick Silva has the herculean task of patrolling… READ MORE...

Life on LA’s Streets is About to Change

Asher Klein
Jul 10, 2014
NEIGHBORHOODS LA-The City Council confirmed Seleta Reynolds as general manager of LA Department of Transportation. Reynolds said she wants to make Los Angeles streets safer by making traffic slower, better organized and therefore, more predictable. “We want them to (travel) at human speed so that… READ MORE...

Neighbors Helping Turn Melrose and Highland into Hot Corner

Aaron Blevins
Jun 26, 2014
PARK LABREA NEWS-The intersection of Highland and Melrose avenues is a hot, up-and-coming area of Los Angeles, but some sections of the sidewalks have literally been a downer for customers and business owners. Walking the sidewalks on Melrose Avenue near Highland was a balancing act before the… READ MORE...

Getting Priorities Straight: Stop the Pipe-Dreaming and Fix the Doggone Pipes!

Ken Alpern
Aug 18, 2014
ALPERN AT LARGE-Perhaps rightfully, and perhaps wrongfully, I've been accused of being a "pipe-dreamer" because of my desire to create a rail… READ MORE...

Big Data and the LAPD Cover-Up

James Poulos
Aug 18, 2014
CALWATCHDOG-At the leading edge of the “big data” trend, the Los Angeles Police Department has found itself in hot water. From underreported murders… READ MORE...

Classroom: Key Battlefield … in War on Poverty

Los Angeles Daily News
Aug 18, 2014
GUEST EDITORIAL-Of the many battlefields where the half-century-old War on Poverty has been fought, there may be none so important — or difficult to… READ MORE...

Getting Paid to Vote: So Much Ballot Box Buffoonery

Ellen Alperstein
Aug 18, 2014
LA OBSERVED-A friend of mine in grade school was a good student who regularly brought home report cards bearing As and Bs. After each term, she'd… READ MORE...


Austin Beutner Could Save LA

Ron Kaye
Aug 14, 2014
THE STORY OF OUR TIMES-A bright, young and innocent LA Times reporter called me last week to get the money quote she needed to follow up on Kevin… READ MORE...

How Good is the City’s Deal with Brian D’Arcy? As Good as the $40 Million Details

Jack Humphreville
Aug 14, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-On Tuesday, the City Council offered up a 13 point plan to settle the high profile spat between Controller Ron Galperin and IBEW Union… READ MORE...

Opposed: LA Council’s Resolution Denouncing Hamas’ Use of Human Shields Is Unproven

Jeff Warner
Aug 14, 2014
GUEST WORDS-As a representative of LA Jews for Peace, I urge City Council to reject resolution 14-0002-S85 that "denounce[s] the use of civilians as… READ MORE...

Steps to Improve Calif Health Care Under Fierce Attack by Lobbyists

Bill Raden
Aug 14, 2014
CALIFORNIA EXPOSE-As Sacramento shifts into its August overdrive this week, three key health care reforms have been attracting fierce lobbying… READ MORE...

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