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Guilty: Anyone Watching Richard Alarcon’s 30-Year Political Journey Knew It Would Come to This Some Day

Ron Kaye
July 24, 2014
WHO WE ARE-Anyone who watched Richard Alarcon go from being an earnest and idealistic young man into a slick and cynical politician knew it would come to this someday. Back in the day 30 years ago when Tom Bradley anointed Alarcon as his deputy mayor for the San Fernando Valley, it was obvious he had a bright future in politics. He was good-looking, (photo) well-spoken, a Latino at a time when the demographics were changing so dramatically that the Northeast Valley, represented for three decades by Ernani Bernardi, was rapidly becoming 90 percent minority.  Read More...

The Civil Rights Act Is Broken … Law Now Source of Discrimination

John D. Skrentny
Jul 24, 2014
VOICES FROM THE SQUARE-Californians, like other Americans, like to think that race should never be a qualification for a job, that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and a fair shake. This principle undergirds our Civil Rights Act, which turns 50 this month. And yet increasingly, many employers are treating race as a qualification, especially for people of color. Read More...

Eyewitness to a Two-Hour Execution: Joseph Wood's Final 117 Gasping Minutes

Mauricio Marin
Jul 24, 2014
JUSTICE-You want to be prepared to watch a man who has been prepared to die. Wednesday afternoon was scheduled to be the state of Arizona's first time using this particular combination of lethal-injection drugs. But this was also my first time witnessing a state execution, so I made sure the state prison staff here had a notepad ready, and I asked my colleagues what it was supposed to be like.  Read More...

LA Sidewalks: A Disturbing Case Study

Jack Humphreville
Jul 24, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-How does a homeowner manage to fix his sidewalks for $5,000 when the City told him it would cost $38,000? And what does this imply about the rest of the services that City provides? In response to last Friday’s CityWatch article, With More Than 4,000 Miles of Broken Sidewalks, How Can LA Ever Claim to be Pedestrian Friendly?, a reader sent this response detailing his experience with the City. Read More...

The State of Corruption

Clinton Galloway
Jul 24, 2014
CALIFORNIA WATCH-California is quickly becoming a leader for disenfranchising voters. Recently a third elected California State Senator was suspended from his ability to sit in the State Senate. The reason for this removal was the fact that the federal government indicted him for corruption and gunrunning. Another State Senator has also recently been convicted of a felony involving voter fraud. He has not lost his job yet but is simply suspended from attending to the business of his constituents in the California State Senate. Even after being convicted of a felony related to his office he is still getting paid. Read More...

Why is LA Police Chief Charlie Beck a ‘No Show’?

Denyse Selesnick
Jul 24, 2014
NC LAND-I don’t know if Charlie Beck should be renewed for another five-year term as LA Police Chief. I don’t know that he shouldn’t. I do know that his accessibility to the community is something less than noteworthy. My interest was piqued by his lack of appearances at any Neighborhood Council (NC) meetings. He had been invited to address the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) at their July meeting - and supposedly cancelled the day before he was to appear. As of today he has not made any effort to reschedule.  Read More...

Solving the 1% vs. the 99% Problem is Simple, but the Fight will be Ferocious

Bob Gelfand
Jul 24, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-The evidence that American big box stores and fast food employers continue to abuse their workers mounts. Now the New York Times has joined the fray by pointing out that part time workers are jerked around in terms of which days they work, what times of day, and what total hours they get. The NYT followed up with a second article, quoting reader comments.  Read More...

Insidious Myth Prevents Peace in Gaza

Erin Niemela
Jul 24, 2014
MYTH BUSTER-Media frame violent conflict to reinforce certain biases and myths, emphasizing some facts and omitting others to produce compelling, narratives. Good guys and bad guys are crafted and re-crafted in media discourse, and this is especially the case with the protracted Israel-Palestine conflict. Unfortunately, many of these myths enter the public discourse, on both sides, to the detriment of peace.  Read More...

The Nightmare in Gaza: They Choose, We Choose

Ken Alpern
Jul 24, 2014
ALPERN AT LARGE-Inasmuch as we want to turn our backs on the nightmares of the world, the world is getting smaller and our local economies are increasingly being impacted by global events. A downing of a civilian airliner here, a new warring conflict there, children being used as human shields to both change our political dynamic and keep American domestic wages pathetically low--all of these can and will someday affect our economic and political future--right here at home! The nightmare in Gaza is just that--a nightmare. The people there deserve a better future, and yet the question must be vigorously asked: WHO are the greatest threats to the present and future for Palestinian men, women and children?  Read More...

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What Whistleblower Kathleen Carroll Believes

What The New Populists Believe know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

Put Your Dog to Work!

Rosemary Jenkins
Jul 24, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-If you have ever been to a hospital, you have probably seen a dog or two (of various sizes and types) walking down the aisles or hanging… Read More...

Angry School Board Race: The Difference Between Johnson and McKenna

Sara Roos
Jul 24, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-Did you know there’s an election in three weeks? If you do not live in LAUSD’s first district, you might be excused from awareness… Read More...

Koreatown: El Basurero

Joel Epstein
Jul 24, 2014
WHO’S IN CHARGE OF GARBAGE?-You might say this is a throwaway piece. Just a little moral indignation about something I'm pretty obsessed about. It's… Read More...

Alcohol, Gambling, Fast Food, Guns: How Billboards Harm Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

Dennis Hathaway
Jul 24, 2014
BILLBOARD WATCH-The Latino community of Boyle Heights just east of downtown Los Angeles has one of the highest poverty rates in the city. People in… Read More...

LA and SF: Dueling Transport Visions

James Poulos
Jul 21, 2014
DIFFERENCES-In San Francisco, a bus project over a decade in the making finally receives its massive environmental impact report. In Los Angeles, the… READ MORE...

Getting a Whiff of Reefer Madness

Bernard Parks
Jul 21, 2014
PARK’S PLACE-I don’t know about you but I’ve been getting a whiff of reefer madness in the air lately. As you may have heard, Washington state is the… READ MORE...

Good vs. Evil: The Dangerous Republican Worldview

Odysseus Bostick
Jul 21, 2014
THE BOSTICK REPORT-Recent calls by Republicans for President Obama to “act stronger” and “exert US authority” overseas in response to escalating… READ MORE...

Why Are Teachers Unions So Opposed to Change?

Antonio Villaraigosa
Jul 21, 2014
VOICES-President John F. Kennedy said, "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."… READ MORE...



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NC Looking for Parking Lots for Homeless Sleepers

Aaron Blevins
Jul 21, 2014
HOLLYWOOD-The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committee on Monday discussed the possibility of identifying parking lots that homeless individuals could use to sleep in their cars. Erik Sanjurjo, (photo) who chairs the committee, said the council is simply… READ MORE...

Guest Editorial: LA Should Prioritize Citywide Sidewalk Repair

Los Angeles Register
Jul 21, 2014
CITYWIDE-Contrary to what Angelenos have grown accustomed to, deep fractures and deterioration are not typical characteristics of sidewalks. Sidewalks are actually supposed to be usable and walking on them should not result in injury. Yet, the city estimates that about 40 percent of its sidewalks… READ MORE...

Drought Buster Patrols Streets of LA

Dana Bartholomew
Jul 17, 2014
CITYWIDE-A day after state water regulators voted to get tougher on water restrictions, the Los Angeles water police Wednesday were out in force — with a full-time water cop of one. But until he gets three more water enforcement deputies next month, Rick Silva has the herculean task of patrolling… READ MORE...

Life on LA’s Streets is About to Change

Asher Klein
Jul 10, 2014
NEIGHBORHOODS LA-The City Council confirmed Seleta Reynolds as general manager of LA Department of Transportation. Reynolds said she wants to make Los Angeles streets safer by making traffic slower, better organized and therefore, more predictable. “We want them to (travel) at human speed so that… READ MORE...

Neighbors Helping Turn Melrose and Highland into Hot Corner

Aaron Blevins
Jun 26, 2014
PARK LABREA NEWS-The intersection of Highland and Melrose avenues is a hot, up-and-coming area of Los Angeles, but some sections of the sidewalks have literally been a downer for customers and business owners. Walking the sidewalks on Melrose Avenue near Highland was a balancing act before the… READ MORE...

On the Case of the Peacock Killers

Bill Johnson
Jun 23, 2014
PALOS VERDES-People can be jerks – absolutely selfish, unrelenting, brutish, thinking-only-of-themselves jerks. I would rant a little more, but you get the idea. It is why I drove the other day to Buckskin Lane in Rolling Hills Estates to see for myself why anyone would kill Indian peafowl – some… READ MORE...

Court House Closed for Business … Trek to Court Now Longer

James Preston Allen
Jun 19, 2014
SAN PEDRO-Tino, the Cambodian-Texan bar owner of Crimsin, stood across the street as the state maintenance workers unbolted the letters which once read, “San Pedro Superior Court.” It was just two Latino guys with a ladder and some tools. By the time we noticed what was occurring, the letters were… READ MORE...

Can North Fig Rise Again?

Bill Johnson
Jun 19, 2014
HIGHLAND PARK-Mayor Eric Garcetti a few weeks back designated 15 L.A. “Great Streets.” I so want to believe this is a good thing. Under the Great Streets program, one street in each of the City Council’s 15 districts has been singled out. And the mayor has found about $800,000 to make improvements… READ MORE...

Not Much Better than Bush

Amanda Ufheil-Somers
Jul 24, 2014
OTHERWORDS-President Barack Obama got it right when he declared: “There’s no military solution inside of Iraq, certainly not one that is led by the… READ MORE...

Villaraigosa on Teachers Unions

Joel Fox
Jul 24, 2014
POLITICS-Former Los Angeles mayor, California Assembly Speaker, and importantly, teacher union organizer, Antonio Villaraigosa had some sharp words… READ MORE...

Soulvine Unchained … the Column the WAVE Newspapers Didn’t Want You to See

Betty Pleasant
Jul 24, 2014
MEAN MAILERS --- As the Aug. 12 runoff election for the 1st District LAUSD school board seat draws near, potential voters are being inundated with… READ MORE...

Why Did California’s Handheld Phone Ban Fail?

John Upton
Jul 24, 2014
MAKING POINTS-This month marks the six-year anniversary of California’s ban on the use of handheld cell phones by motorists—a regulation that has now… READ MORE...


Did IUSD Principal Embezzle Girls’ Basketball Team Funds?

Randall Fleming
Jul 24, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-The Inglewood High girls’ basketball team funds are in the red for $8,000. The money, which was raised by the girls performing car… READ MORE...

Got Water? You Can Make Millions in California

Sarah Goodyear.
Jul 21, 2014
WATER WOES FOR PROFIT-“Water is set to become the most valuable resource on earth, even more precious than oil,” writes Ophélie Mortier, the… READ MORE...

The Other Side of Immigration

Rosemary Jenkins
Jul 21, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Many of our fellow Americans have for years been protesting the influx of undocumented immigrants and are vociferously demonstrating… READ MORE...

Pensions for Dummies

Jack Humphreville
Jul 21, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-The 18% investment gains reported by the California Public Employees Retirement System (“CalPERS”) for the year end June 30, 2014 bodes… READ MORE...


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