Will LA County be Another Iowa?


VOICES--I’ve been a voter in LA County for over 40 years and this is the most disorganized I have ever seen in my history of voting. 

It is now 10 February and I still do not have the LA County voters guide which would have information on all of the various candidates for city Council, supervisor, Judges, assembly, as well as proposition R.

I cannot find this information anywhere and to the best of my knowledge none of the voters in my community have received this guide so it’s impossible for any of us to make an informed vote and we don’t have the necessary information to be educated about these various candidates.

I’ve spoken to the post office and they don’t seem to have these guides ready for delivery because they haven’t received them yet. So, what is going on and why don’t we have this very important guide from LA County? I smell a big fat rat and I don’t like it.

I would really appreciate an investigation into this matter and even more importantly a quick update as to the status and the reason that we do not have this guide in our possession. Something is very wrong with this picture. Thank you. 


(Sarah Bagby is an LA County voter.)