Parking Tickets: LA In It for the Money


VOICES--I have a parking Citation #4333338402, dated 06/07/18, when I attempted to use my Chase Credit card that was previously used when parking at a downtown parking meter.  However, this particular day the meter wasn’t accepting credit cards, and I reached out and notified the City of Los Angeles, which is only interested in making money by any means.

Please assist me with the meter parking  fraud – why would a $2.00, max meter not working properly cause a Customer $136.00, originally, then $163.00, total fee?  I paid $18.00, towards the illegal citation, and didn’t receive any credit for it.  Please find attached the LDC Collection Agency being used by the City of Los Angeles.

I recently received another citation ticket, after placing 8 quarters in the meter and only being credited for 1 hour opposed to two hours.  Again, more additional fees because of a dysfunctional parking meter.  How can Customers feel comfortable handling business, or shopping downtown, not knowing if you will receive citations due to meters not working properly with astronomical fees? 

Please assist me in seeking justice for Customers attempting to shop downtown, or handle business downtown.  It’s not fair, if the meters are not functioning properly that Customers have to pay these mafia fees.  How about reasonable citation fees when meters are working properly?  These fees are over triple the amount due, why does the fees have to be so high?

(Demetra K. Stuart, Procurement Division, Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA).