Newsom's Transfer Of California’s Death Row Inmates Means More Killings And Bloodshed In Prisons!


CALIFORNIA POLITICS - Governor Newsom made a self-imposed pledge to dismantle San Quentin's  California's Death Row for good and transfer all of  the death row inmates to one of 7 other California state prison facilities and place them in their general prison population. 

As of January 31, 2022 116 Death Row Inmates had already been relocated. 

During the past two years there has been several inmate on inmate  killings which have taken place inside  our California State  prisons walls. Most of inmates killed were killed by individuals sentenced to life terms for very violent criminal offenses to and include murder. This also being the case of the inmates who were killed most also had  received a life term sentence for their own involvement in violent crimes to and include murder..  What most of the inmate killings had in common was that both the deceased inmate and the inmate responsible for their deaths  were validated gang members.  

Now remember that Newsom placed a moratorium on California State executions in 2019 and also shut down the execution chamber in San Quentin state prison. Newsom and his administration  totally ignored  California 2016 voters approved initiative to speed up executions. 

Most California residents don't  involve themselves  and  lack the knowledge by choice to understand the criminal justice system. Most only try to understand the criminal justice system after they have become a victim of a crime or have a relative or someone dear and close to them who became a victim of a crime. 

In our state the majority of our population have tilted to the far left and its progressive liberal thinking which advocates for lenient  sentencing laws , defunding the police and finding excuses for ones involvement in criminal behavior.  When one hears of an individual being arrested for a violent crime to and include murder the response  is that the suspect is crazy ( has mental health issues ) or that he/she is an  alcoholic  or has a substance abuse problem.  Most fail to comprehend that there are individuals who are professional criminals ( career criminals)  and more often than not benefit financially  from their involvement in criminal behavior. 

More than three years ago ( long before COVID ) I stated before the LAPD Northeast Division Community Police Advisory Board that we would see a major increase in violent crime to and include murders  most of which have been gang related.  Los Angeles City has seen a major increase in violent crimes to and include  murder.  Lets not forget how many people have been shot, stabbed and beaten yet they survived.   

Our missing in action LA City Mayor continues to state crime is up because of COVID. He refuses to acknowledge  the cause and affect  between  the passage of  LA. City Attorney's  Mike  Feuer  AB 109, LA.County DA. George Gascon Prop. 47 and former  Governor Jerry Brown's  Prop. 57. Crimes once classified as violent crimes are now classified as non-violent. 

Lets not forget that we no longer have LA. County or LA City wide gang injunctions. 

We just saw how 3 Florencia 13 gang members  and one Florencia 13 Associate gang member are  now in custody for the murder of off duty LAPD officer Fernando Arroyos.  All four suspects have been charged under a Federal RICO indictment.  Florencia 13 for many years has taken their orders for their involvement in various criminal behavior to and include  violent criminal offenses  under the direction of the Mexican Mafia. 

One of 116 Death Row inmates now residing in general population  is Timothy Joseph McGhee. 

Who is McGhee?  He was born in April, 1973 and is of Scottish and Mexican descent.  Prior to his current  prison sentence he resided in the Atwater Village area of Los Angeles.  He was a shot caller and had  control over the  Toonerville gang.  For the most part the Toonerville gang is located in the Atwater Village area of Los Angeles but has  members who reside both in Glendale and the Sunland-- Tujunga area. 

Prior to 2003 McGhee  was a suspect for the cold blooded  murders of 12 individuals, and the attempted murder of two Los Angeles Police officers both assigned to the LAPD Northeast Division. 

During McGhee's incarceration within the Los Angeles County Jail system he was involved in a major riot in which other inmates and jail staff employees were injured. 

McGhee was subsequently convicted for three homicides in 2009 and received a Death Penalty sentence.  During his housing on San Quentin Death Row in August 2012 he made an attempt to kill 2 correctional  officers with a shank while returning to his cell after having his shower.  The news article written by Jason Kandel refers to McGhee as the Notorious Gang Member.   

It is believed that McGhee himself may  be responsible for killing as many as 20 individuals. Recently I communicated with two very established news papers writers  for LA local papers and both were shocked that McGhee is now housed in General Population.  One of the writers who wrote extensively on McGhee stated “ he is just plain evil, it was a thrill for him when he killed people”.  One source stated that McGhee is now a validated Mexican Mafia Associate and continues to be a major shot caller and has a lot of control over the Toonerville gang. 

On Monday May 21, 2018 the United States District Court issued a press release which stated that Manuel Vallejo a hard core Toonerville Gang member and like McGhee a shot caller received a 25 year sentence under the Federal RICO act for his involvement to establish a Three -Gang Coalition  between the Toonerville gang, Rascals gang and the Frog Town gang.  Vallejo  received his orders from Mexican Mafia member Arnold “Arnie” Gonzales  who at the time was an inmate in Pelican Bay State Prison  and housed in the Secure Housing unit.The ' pease treaty” imposed by Gonzales was  to establish this New World Order. The objective was to control and conspire to operate a criminal enterprise involving  various criminal offenses, including narcotic trafficking, extortion , money laundering  and murder.  In all 22 gang members were named in the RICO Indictment. A couple of those named and  identified as  Hard core gang members in the RICO indictment were gainfully  employed at the time with Homeboys Industries. Illegal drugs, money and a firearm was recovered at the Homeboys Industries location. 

Now McGhee has been placed in GENERAL POPULATION and not in a 24 hour Secure Housing Unit as was the case with Gonzales. 

How long will it take before McGhee a known Toonerville Shot Caller, Serial Killer and Mexican Mafia Associate member before he  starts ordering criminal activities which may include murder on the streets of Los Angeles and also behind California Prison Walls?  Review McGhee violent acts during his own incarceration on Death Row.  

As of this date there are several wrongful death law suits filed which name the California Department of Corrections  as Defendants. 

 Where is the outcry from LA. City Mayor Garcetti  and LA Chief of Police. Moore? 

Newsom states that he wants to show compassion for these Death Row Inmates and assist them with Rehabilitation. 

For the past several years Prison Industry has cut back on it's employment opportunities for prison inmates.  

Does it make sense for inmates who will spend the rest of their life in prison to have the opportunity to work or attend a vocational program instead of inmates who will be returned back to the community? 

What is the real reason for Newsom's decision to Dismantle Death Row? What is next, demolish San Quentin State Prison ?   The land is prime real estate worth millions. Will Newsom sell the property to one of his developers friends   as a NO BID Contract.  

Review Wikipedia on Timothy Joseph McGhee.

(Caroline Aguirre is a retired 24-year State of California law enforcement officer, LAPD family member, community activist and Neighborhood Watch captain. Aguirre is a CityWatch contributor.)