LA County Registrar Files Objections in Compton Election Fraud Case

SOUTH OF THE 10 - A Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued a ruling May 27 overturning the 2021 Compton General Election results for District 2 declaring Andre Spicer the winner over incumbent Isaac Galvan.

LA County Registrar Dean Logan filed three objections to the ruling June 9 stating he was added as a “real party in interest” and he wasn’t and the contestant (Spicer) still owes the County funds related to reimbursable witness fees for County employees to testify in the matter. 

“The Registrar objects to Page 2, Line 8 of the Proposed Judgement, where it states, “appeared on behalf of Real Party in Interest Dean C. Logan…the Registrar did not appear as a real party in interest at any time prior to trial, during trial, or in any of the hearings following trial. The registrar appeared as a non-party throughout the matter, as evidenced by filings and Court orders.”

“Although the Court deemed the Registrar a real party interest in the May 27, 2022 ruling, and made a finding that the Registrar erred with regards to a ballot, the Registrar did not get to fully participate as a real party interest in this case.”

Logan also objects to Page 2, Lines 11-12 of the Proposed Judgement where it states “the Court entered its findings of fact and conclusions of law in accordance with Elections Code section 16603.

Finally, Logan objects to the entry of judgement in the contestant’s favor because the contestant failed to pay witness fees owed to the Registrar pursuant to Government Code sections 68096.1 and 68097.2 in the amount of $1,009.25 to reimburse the Registrar the full costs of salary and travel of two employees who testified March 21, 2022.

Logan seeks the contestant not be issued any judgement in his favor until the fees are paid to the Registrar’s office.

Click here to read Logan’s objection.


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