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Inglewood Unified County Administrator is MIA

SOUTH OF THE 10 - Here we go again.  It seems more people are jumping ship. I recently received the following letter.

It seems the CBO Mr. Guzman is now running as well !!!!   To make matters worse other positions recently left as well, HR Risk Management Ms. Tiffany and also the Chief Operating person. Were these people run out? Where are they running? Are they just as sick and tired, as I am, of incompetent leaders??

Newsflash- The Superintendent, Dr. Torres, or maybe should be Dr. “I’m missing” has not been at work for at least 1 month??? What is going on??

With a salary of 250k a year, probably sitting at home running other businesses, who wouldnt (SIC) want to take the job. And dont forget, lets close schools and sell Inglewood residents school land. This is unbelieveable, please inquire and find more facts, the residents of Inglewood deserve a superintendent that “really” cares and is at work. I pray change soon will come with competent people. 

**Rumor is the LACOE team, especially the Cunha guy, it seems he is now the leader, how is that possible, he is not an IUSD employee????? The guy running HR is doing progressive discipline, how is that possible? He is NOT an IUSD employee !!!!

Thank you for the work you do publishing corruption and informing people.

--IUSD insider

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