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Inglewood Business Owners Lead Silent Protest at City Hall

SOUTH OF THE 10 - A small group of influential business owners staged a multi-person protest in front of City Hall today.

They are asking Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts to bring back Senior Lead Officers and the Community Affairs section.

They held signs that said “you promised but haven’t delivered” and “the community hires you, the community fires you”.

Earlier this week, the mayor put his foot in his mouth when he made promises to residents about a pending school closure, that County Administrator Erika Torres was forced to refute in a district wide email. The mayor also sent an email “apologizing” for his words being misconstrued.

Mayor Butts, and Councilmen George Dotson and Alex Padilla are up for re-election this November. The Inglewood Police Officers Association has already given their public endorsement of Padilla, who residents share has been spotted heavily in District 3 and driving around the community speaking to as many residents as possible.

IPOA hasn’t made an endorsement, yet, for mayor or District 1.

Has Mayor Butts made you a promise he hasn’t kept? 

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