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Inglewood Using $$ Reserves To Extend Agreement With Hawthorne PD

SOUTH OF THE 10 – The Inglewood Police Department is requesting a one-year extension with Hawthorne Police Department, with the option for an additional year, for “high profile” events. 

Inglewood initially approved an agreement with HPD July 14, 2021, for $500,000 with a police officer reimbursement rate of $85 / hour.

The agreement calls for the City to reimburse Hawthorne, for any level of officer providing services to Inglewood, at the agreed upon police officer rate.  The new agreement calls for increased rates for FY 2022-2023 at $105 / hour, which will remain in effect until September 30, 2023.

The staff report also requests $300,000 from the City’s reserves be used to increase the budget line to cover current/future invoices. The total contract amount is expected to not exceed $2.1 million, despite the City allotting an additional $1 million to the contract without identifying where the funds would come from.

A records request to the city of Hawthorne yielded 27 invoices billed to Inglewood Police Department, between 7/17/2021 and 1/2/2002 cost Inglewood taxpayers $560,000.

Invoices detail Hawthorne is billing Inglewood roughly 30 days after service has been provided.

The City continues to evade releasing documents, requested under Freedom of Information and CA Public Records Act, for the agreement between the City and Hollywood Park Management Co. for police services which Butts said “would eventually” be reimbursed.

The City is roughly spending an additional $450,000 per month on outside police services (Hawthorne, CHP, Sheriff) related to “high profile” special events. On the other hand, residents are getting “taxed” and “extra fees” up the ass all in the name of “progress”? 

The math ain’t mathin’ Jimmy.

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