ANIMAL WATCH-Los Angeles Animal Services' GM Brenda Barnette did not comment on the August 8 KTLA News report of the death of a female Pit Bull dumped in front of a South Los Angeles home on Monday.

ANIMAL WATCH-Ask LA Animal Services’ GM Brenda Barnette about her officers' heroic actions for animals in the increasingly dangerous streets of Los Angeles and it is likely she will recite the latest news broadcast on the exploits of the Los Angeles Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (SMART) -- praising Armando Navarrete, Annette Ramirez and Ernesto Poblano. 

ANIMAL WATCH-A widely shared online post, claiming a Los Angeles restaurant had a court’s permission to kill up to three dogs a day for public consumption, was “fake news,” according to CBS.

ANIMAL WATCH-On July 10, the Los Angeles Animal Services Commission heard an appeal by Frank and Laurel Pavone, who adopted a Pit Bull from Best Friends Animal Society and four months later it killed a neighbor’s 9-year-old Chihuahua.

ANIMAL WATCH-Another Pit Bull attack and injury to an employee occurred at an LA Animal Services shelter, just weeks after a dog mauled volunteer Ursula Carmody.

ANIMAL WATCH-Since 2010, LA Animal Services' General Manager Brenda Barnette and Councilmember Paul Koretz (photo above, right) have been trying to raise the pet limits in Los Angeles – and for different reasons.

ANIMAL WATCH-The discovery of two mutilated dead cats lying near each other in his neighbor's yard last Tuesday morning deeply disturbed Arleta Neighborhood Council President Jaime Gallo.

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